It's 2018, time to get things rolling! This week you'll notice our new webRTC beta has gone live (more below) so we're all hoping you get your hands all over it and tell us all about it. We've also got your regular community and marketplace spotlights at the ready, so please dig in: Developer Spotlight WebRTC BETA launch! New Tabletop Audio Track Some new year housekeeping, updating old logos, fixing out-of date language, etc. Changed 5E OGL default settings to accept the names of attributes for token bar values Bugfix: Roll Templates in the Chat Archive should now work with all functions Hi rollers, Steve K here. We pushed out a bunch of tiny polishes to copy around the site, along with some back end pluming changes, like links and redirecting. But that's all super boring compared to the WebRTC Beta going live on the production server. Everyone can try it our right now by turning it on from the Settings (gear) tab inside your game. Give us your feedback here . We've been seeing an outstanding issue of users sometimes having trouble connecting for the first time if they're using different browsers Chrome/Firefox. Clicking the reconnect button seems to resolve the issue every time and is a work around until we figure out a solution. Your WebRTC logs of experiencing this issue would be invaluable to us. Other than this initial connect issue we're seeing that once the call connects they're incredibly stable and low bandwidth. We're really pleased with the results so far but won't know for sure until we get more data. So, please let us know, even if it's just to say that everything went great in your game except that your bard fell into a pit trap... again. Steve K. Roll20 Lead Developer Community Highlights Character Sheets Mecha and Monsters by Alan Bahr and Troy Ellis is one of those stylish and colorful sheets that really make you want to try the game! You also get the bonus of having a sheet created by the game's designer themself and that's always a treat. On the Marketplace To kick off the new year, we want to help all of our new players get up and running with packs from our incredible marketplace creators. Check out this  curated list for recommendations to get you started on your first dungeon / adventure! WOTC Highlights Your weekly reminder that Wizards of the Coast's latest Roll20 modules Hoard of the Dragon Queen and The Rise of Tiamat , are available on the Roll20 marketplace! Our modules make DM-ing a lot easier and playing more streamlined! And hey if you happen to use our webRTC Beta when playing, that'd be cool too... If you're confident in your players' ability to stop the Dragon Queen (or just like to see them suffer), go ahead and live dangerously by indulging in the Tyranny of Dragons bundle which combines both modules! Stay warm and happy, folks! -Alex