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Miscellaneous Folder In Free Assets

Hello! I have seen talk about the miscellaneous folder under the free assets page, and have seen maps from it myself. Is there any way to access this? It looks like good material I would like to use? Also is it a glitch or is this intentional? Sincerely, Me
Roll20 Mod Team
Free sets (note: not individual free assets) can be found within the Premium Assets folder of the Art Library. Here is a link to the all of the individual free assets: You can find individual free assets by searching for their exact name, as listed on this webpage. You also can add the entire folder of "No Set" assets to your Library. To do so, search for any individual free asset. You'll see that asset is contained with the "Miscellaneous" folder (within the "Free Assets" folder). Right-click on the Miscellaneous folder and select "Copy to Library". Doing so will eventually create a "No Set" folder within your Library. Creating this folder takes a long time; you can freely exit the Game and the process will continue.
Sheet Author
In case anyone makes the same mistake I did, when following Silvyre's instructions, and searching for assets make sure the Search drop down is changed from Tokens, to whichever is appropriate for the thing you are searching for (probably Maps, Tiles, Textures). Otherwise nothing will show up and you'll spend a long time trying to figure out what you're doing wrong! :)