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Confused by details on a map pack - Gabriel Packard

In the Slap-Down Town Fortifications Addition, I am looking at the sample images and I'm a bit confused on one minor part.  In most of the parts images, on the edges of the walls, there appears to be white spikes going out towards the outer walls.  Are those supposed to be markers for other addition images to help with alignment?   If I don't want or need to put something there, is it possible to cover that white spike up? I really love Gabriel's work, and I want to use this one, but I am hesitating because of the white spikes. Thanks for the help.
Forum Champion
Hi Watoni! I'll give my reply for this question. Gabriel himself will probably see this thread and come along to answer. This is the set we're talking about, The white spikes are supposed to represent Arrow Slits, those protective castle windows where an archer can shoot a bow-and-arrow out, while being very protected inside. They are not there for aligning graphics, they are intentionally part of the fortification-design art. But you don't have to use them! This art set of Fortifications includes many options and moveable parts. There are Building tiles and Turret tiles that have the white spikes, and there are other Building tiles and Turret tiles that do NOT have the spikes/windows. When you build and assemble your fortification map using these parts, you can skip over the ones with white spikes and just use the room designs that don't have the spikes.  There are plenty of room-and-wall tiles to build an entire fortification using this set, without using the spikey ones.   For example in the Octagon shaped Turrets, there are ones with Spikes, but there are also alternative versions without spikes, in both stone-floor and wood-floor and roof versions.
Ah, I hadn't even considered the Arrow Slits concept.  I apologize.  Thank you very much, that does clear it up nicely.  
Gabriel P.
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Gold, as per usual, has the right of it.  Thank you for clearly stating your concerns and looking through the content to make sure its right for you.  It's a great ways to keep the marketplace improving and improve your own experience.  If you ever have any other questions, concerns, or suggestions let me know.  Happy gaming!