I was trying to make attack macro list similar to this https://www.reddit.com/r/DnD/comments/4zm8ph/roll2... however i ran into a problem as i could not find a way to call the atk name to make it generic. BUT I HAVE I present a macro template for any repeating section of the OGL sheet. /w @{selected|character_name} &{template:npcaction} {{rname=Checks}} {{description=Select Attack [@{selected|repeating_attack_$0_atkname}](~selected|repeating_attack_$0_attack)[@{selected|repeating_attack_$1_atkname}](~selected|repeating_attack_$1_attack) [@{selected|repeating_attack_$2_atkname}](~selected|repeating_attack_$2_attack) }} for spells /w @{selected|character_name} &{template:npcaction} {{rname=Spells}} {{description=Select Spell [@{selected|*******}](~selected|@@@@@@) }} ******** replace with spell levels reference repeating macro (change spell to spellname) [ %{selected|repeating_spell-1_$0_spell} >>>> @{selected|repeating_spell-1_$0_spellname} ] @@@@@ with the repeating spell level macro like normal Just follow the format above and you should be able to do this for any repeating section of the OGL character sheet. Did I mention this does not require the API. List of callable names for each repeating section and their section name repeating_(section name)_$0_(name called) traits  > name tool  > toolname proficiencies  > name inventory  > itemname (for money) @{selected|***} [replace *** with cp,sp,ep,gp,pp] ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Next task ammo tracking.