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Tables management in handouts and characters sheets

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Hello all, I'm using a lot of tables inside handouts and character sheets (bio). To be more specific, I copy/paste lots of them but also tried to create them and complete them afterwards and I kept noticing several bugs : - A pasted centered table gets aligned to the left except for the first cell (top left). - Selecting the whole table or part of it to align text doesn't work. I have to align each cell. - Selecting the whole table or part of it to format text doesn't work. I have to format each cell. - (Specific to first column) Formatting a text in an centered (or right alignment or justified) cell aligns it to the left instead of keeping the alignment. - (Other columns) Same problem but in addition : the cell disapears when formatted, leaving only the text, aligned to the left. I suggest to fix all of those, I'm kind of desperate with all of my dozens of tables to implement to my games. I mainly use formatting to switch format from 'normal text' to 'header X' to make the text more readable for my players. I suggest to implement numeral font sizes that can be changed by selecting whole or part of a table. I would also appreciate other fonts. Thanks for any help ! Cheers
Some help, pretty please ?
The devs know that the text editor on the site is lacking, and it is on their list of things to fix/replace, but there is no ETA on when it will be done. The best recommendation is to edit text in a program outside Roll20 and copy it over.

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Thank you, Rabulias ! Although none of the programs I tested allows to keep text as formated before c/p... The text editor does need an upgrade badly.