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LFP - Dark Heresy Sci-Fi RPG, Looking for 2-3 Players


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Rules : Official rules (but fun before rules) Requirements : You don't need to know the rules, we'll take care of that for you. You need to be comfortable with making an ass of yourself while role-playing, just like we do every time we play :). We want you to spend as little time as possible thinking about the rules, and more time on role playing your character and making the game fun for everyone else. We're very welcoming and friendly, and expect to have a nice and open atmosphere when we play. Time : Saturdays or sundays, 1 or 6 pm GMT+1 (flexible) Our discord : About us We're a group of 2 friendly players and a (genocidal) DM looking for more players, for future fun adventures. We have a focus on narrative storytelling and in-character role playing . Not as many jokes and out of character conversations during sessions, but certainly very liberal with avoiding rules when they get in the way. We've played through a small module called Dark Pursuits, and are now looking forward to new adventures, with one or two added players. The game has a high mortality rate, but we still get attached to our characters and role-play them according to their many... interesting personalities. W40K: Dark Heresy 2nd edition RPG Introduction to Dark Heresy Dark Heresy is a dystopian sci-fi RPG with an emphasis on mystery and the unknown. In Dark Heresy, you play as powerful acolytes, the right hand of the Emperor, tasked with eradicating heresy and corruption wherever it hides. You have the power to take lives, order the orbital bombing of a city, and generally use any means necessary to eradicate hostile forces within the empire of man. The game has rules for insanity, decapitation and general brutality, and you can expect your character to be permanently scarred, or even killed if you're unlucky. As acolytes, you answer to an inquisitor, and are sent on various missions around the universe, to find and weed out xenos and corruptive influences, be they alien or native. Dark Heresy rewards planning, strategizing, role-playing and teamwork, or rather severely punishes the lack of them.. Gameplay Depending on the type of mission, the gameplay can involve investigation, combat, intrigue, or a number of other genres. As the players work for an Inquisitor, most missions involve rooting out heresies or matters relating to them, but the bredth of the game allows for many other missions, including wiping out dangerous gangs, gathering evidence of corruption, or eliminating rogue psykers. System Unlike many RPGs, Dark Heresy uses only 10-sided die, each player requiring at least 2, which can be read as percentile die, used individually, or added together. No other dice are required, although occasionally a player may need to roll more than 2d10, such as when rolling a large amount of damage. Characters have 9 statistics; Weapon Skill (WS) Ballistic Skill (BS) Strength (Str) Toughness (T) Agility (Ag) Intelligence (Int) Perception (Per) Will Power (WP) Fellowship (Fel) The values for these attributes range from 1 to 100, although achieving a score higher than 70 is almost impossible for a normal character with the published rules thus far. Differing by a factor of 10 from the W40K tabletop wargame, average humans possess characteristic scores averaging 30 - 40 is notable, and 50 is a very strong attribute. Player Characters' characteristics statistically average 31, although that can differ due to a number of mechanics, notably the character's homeworld and background. For example, a character from a hive world has a higher Fellowship, but a lower Toughness. Any given action, such as firing a weapon or using a skill, uses the following basic mechanic: Roll percentile die Add bonuses or penalties associated with the action Compare the result to the appropriate characteristic; equal to or lower indicates success; greater than the characteristic indicates failure. With some actions, the amount by which you succeed or fail can determine degrees of success or failure, allowing the GM to further detail the result. Career Path In Dark Heresy , the players pick a career path for their character which is similar to a class from other RPG systems such as D&D. There are 11 career paths in the core rulebook, with a further career path added in the Inquisitors Handbook sourcebook, they are; Adept - A career path devoted to knowledge, logic, and analysis, though they are not very effective in combat and not always good in social inteaction Arbitrator - Members of the Adeptus Arbites are effective both in investigative skills and combat. Assassin - These skilled killers excel in both combat and stealth skills Cleric - Clergymen of the Ecclesiarchy train in a wide range of abilities but excel at motivation and leadership Guardsman - Although this class usually brings to mind members of the Imperial Guard, it also applies to mercenaries and other soldiers; they are skilled warriors who can also operate vehicles Imperial Psyker - This class represents an individual with psychic powers, able to channel the warp to accomplish a wide variety of things. Scum - Criminals, outcasts, thieves, and other miscreants, this class has a variety of useful skills involving stealth and infiltration Tech-Priest - Skilled with machines and technology, they are members of the Cult Mechanicus *We have a rule about not showing up to sessions: Any player who misses 3 out of 8 sessions, starting with the first session we play, is gently dropped from the game in order to free up space and out of respect for the other players. If I miss more than 3 out of 8 sessions, you're free to leave without saying a word. I can't do the same if you all miss sessions, which is why we have this rule. We reset the counter when eight weeks have passed. Serious illness, death in the family or other complications does not count as a missed session. If you stay for 75% of the session's duration, even if it's the end of the session, you have not missed the session.
Maybe I'm missing it, but when does the game occur?
We will set a weekly time when recruitment is done, but European time somewhere around 6 pm on weekends, most likely.
i would like to join i am not that experianced i have played some on roll 20 but not much i havr been looking for a group to jojn for a while but couldent find one in my area i am from the UK and im free most nights from 6pm to 10pm
Updated with time. Link to our discord added.
Updated rules, there are still available slots.

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OPEN FOR MORE. Most likely time for our sessions: Saturdays, 1 pm GMT+1
I'm definitely interested and would like to try and make a session or two to see if I fit in with you guys! Warhammer fanboy, experienced with the system, active role-player—I'm GMT-6 however, and would need a couple hours extra to make it [and survive]. I do character voices.
Let me know if you change the time to 6. I am not thoroughly familiar with the world where as i am still new but would love to give this a go.
Thank you for the interest in our campaign. The easiest way to get in touch with us quickly is to join our discord. So far our session is still Saturdays, 13:00 GMT+1, but if enough people would rather play at 17:00, we could make that work. Looking forward to talking with you. :)