Weird situation, and not sure if this is a but or something I'm doing wrong, but...I'm working on a sheetworker to output a stat block with clickable items to roll dice. Those clickable items refer to the actual sheet buttons, but things are different when using the API button (or when creating a macro using the shortcut to the button.  First, here's the output: Notice in the Statblock, that Short Sword shows STR+1d4!+1, but when I click on that, the output shows Damage (Str+1d4!+0). The roll below that is from clicking the actual button on the character sheet and the Damage shows Str+1d4!+1. I get the same result as the API button if I create my own Ability with the following code: %{Efaa Etrob|repeating_meleeweapons_$0_ tMeleeWeapon } So, here's the code for the API button: **@{repeating_meleeweapons_$0_WeaponType}**: [STR+@{repeating_meleeweapons_$0_MeleeDieNum}d@{repeating_meleeweapons_$0_DmgType}+@{repeating_meleeweapons_$0_MDmgMod}](~repeating_meleeweapons_$0_ tMeleeWeapon ) Here's the HTML for the sheet button: <button class="sheet-templatebutton" type='roll' name='roll_ tMeleeWeapon ' value='@{skillwrt} @{defdTemplate} @{rolltMeleeWeapon}'></button> <input type='hidden' name='attr_rolltMeleeWeapon' value="{{name=@{character_name}}} {{weapon=@{WeaponType}}} {{damage_type=Str+@{MeleeDieNum}d@{DmgType}+@{MDmgMod}}} {{damage=@{rollMeleeWeapon}}} {{raise=@{DmgRaise}}} {{dmgmod=@{dmgmod}}} {{notes=@{meleeWNotes}}}" /> Am I doing something wrong, or is this a bug with Roll20 that I need to report?