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A year later, asking again...

I use an overall campaign map in a couple of games I run. I'd like certain squares/hexes on that map to link to  a corresponding handout in a specific folder. Is this possible?  Can it be MADE possible?
It'd be helpful for the developers and community members if you describe the specific flow/interaction you are expecting.

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1. create an invisible, immovable token on the map layer. 2. Somehow make that token link to the handout for that particular village or city 3. Player clicks on map location. 4. Appropriate handout opens.
Well you can set a token on the GM layer and use Bump if a token gets to close that could possibly trigger a handout to come up but you would have to ask The AAron on that one.  
The Aaron
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Unfortunately, the best the API can do is provide a clickable link in the chat to open a handout.  There's no way for the API to directly pop one up.  I've seen people use It's a Trap to whisper a link in just such a way.
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This could be approximated with a small number of existing APIs. Token Lock could make an token immovable. The icon could be made invisible by turning off the name and giving it a transparent png. That icon could have a token action that sends the GM notes to the chat with the GMNotes script. That would work if your information need was limited to just simple text, although you could still use markup for formatting. You could even display graphics with the code [sometextthatwontdisplay](URL of Graphic).If you had serious need for a handout, you could have GMNotes send a handout link, but you are already adding one extra click to your ideal workflow. That would add two. One for a token action button to call up a gmnote link, and the second, clicking on the link itself. What would really solve your problem would be if Roll20 gave us on-screen resizable, place-anywhere macro buttons.
I appreciate the suggestions, folks. Seriously? No one else has thought of creating an interactive campaign map?  Consider this an enhancement request.
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This has been requested several times on our Suggestions Forum.&nbsp; Here is a link to the most upvoted post so you can add your voice to it, Kevin <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a>...
The way we do it is have tokens link to character sheets and use the journal section like a handout. We shift + double-click the token to open the character sheet directly from the map. It's not exactly what you are requesting, but it might work for your group. As suggested, you can apply an API to make the tokens immovable, but the tokens are pretty easy to move back if "advanced-&gt;is drawing" is toggled on so they do not snap to a grid if one is active.