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[LFM / D&D 5e] It Comes at Night

Greetings! I am Thordek, dwarf liason of the Road Wardens. My guild is in need of someone not faint of heart, who doesn't mind travel and can investigate a tricky situation for us. About a month ago, we sent a group of agents to the mountain town of Holt's Bastion to head a new chapter for us there. See normally we have a pretty simple operation: find areas in need of caravan guards, hire out agents, get paid in heaps of gold. Simple enough, no? Well we heard word that Holt's Bastion was set to be the big new path for traders. Relatively safe, not counting ogre tribes and other beasties that is. Well anyhow our agents show up at the place and get to work getting ready to set up a local chapter, everything is looking good. That's when the town lord sends a letter not long after they arrived that they were found dead. Gruesome like. Well now that leaves me with two problems. 1. Not much longer before the snows melt and trade starts booming and we still have no chapter. 2. If I send my own people there is a chance they end up the same, so I find myself in need of freelance operatives to do some digging for me. Did I mention the pay yet..? Holt's Bastion, a sleepy town near the Kryo Mountains that is the last stop of merchants before they make the hazardous trip north. As the settlement grew the Road Wardens decided that it was in need of a local guild to better assist the traveling merchants and to delve into the uncharted portions of the nearby wild mountain range. Papers were dispatched with a group of wayfinders sent as envoys to speak with the local magistrate who would be assisting in the beginning of the chapter. Everything was going well until a letter arrived at your Guildmaster's desk informing him that the citizens had found all 6 of the envoys had been found strung up by their insides from lampposts, quite deceased. So you are being sent to Holt's Bastion with a singular mission; find out who killed the envoys and ensure that no one stands in the way of the chapter being constructed in Holt's Bastion. Best of luck investigator! Setting: the setting is a homebrew. Typical fantasy world for the larger part. You'll be starting in the primarily human dominated nation of Thandos, landlocked on 3 sides, ocean to its west, mountain range to its north. Holt's Bastion is a settlement near one of the few passes linking Thandos to the kingdom of Hux to the north aboveground. Play style: I gm a kinda darker style. Not all gloom and doom but things are for sure more mature. People die, things aren't always a happy ending. In need of 2-3 more players, will be using discord / roll20.  The game will be weekly, held on Wednesdays @ 530pm CST. If you have any questions ask away other than that I hope to see plenty of brave adventurers post applications below or PM them to me. 

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Im in i would like to use a tortle barbarian that i have in mind I am 18 and have had years expirience  as a dm but not that much as a lalyer i would love to step in and punch some clues as the non intelectual but wise crashnack the tortle barbarian who after living as a hermit due to some run ins with local law got a vision for the universe to leave his nice warm cozy moutain for this stupid village with these stupid people  Crash is not loveable nor able to love there would be a more fun conversation with a wall but if there is somome needing punching he is the one to step in and you wont like him when he is angry turning full beast he will kill All that opose him with his buckler and club for more tactical fights and his great club for the fun times he doesnt like battle nor does he love unless you bring out his wild side this snaper loves a good meal and even better mead and Would be a peefect fit as the dunce to your murder mistery
Apologies I didn't clarify however I try and keep things first party. :)
What does that mean exactly sorry
PM Sent