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[EST] [Little Fears System] "IT"

Remember the days of riding your bike? Catching crayfish in a stream? Running away in terror from killer clowns in the sewers? Lets return to those salad days. Use your imagination to fight against the monsters that eat children. Using the Little Fears system for some intense RPing. Where dark forces rule and the kids are on their own. Any day EST 4pm till 10pm
I'd be interested, but 6 hours is a long ass time. I'd be down for a 3 - 4 hour game, if it were on the weekend, though.
No thats the hours I have avaliable 
93 people look at this and I get 1 reply
That's probably because you didn't tag it for timezones and LFP and such in the title. People have looked because they're curious what it is.
Gen Kitty
Forum Champion
If you post precisely what you would like the new title to be, a wandering mod will fix it.  (I'll be back through in about 8-10 hours)
Any day EST 4pm till 10pm and it is under LFG

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Please do set up a Little Fears game! Little Fears doesn't show up in Roll20 nearly enough!
I ran one years ago that lasted a few months. Always up for another campaign as long as I have interested players. 
Well, you can count me in that list of interested people. Come on, everybody! Let's fight some closet monsters!
Original Little Fears, or the second edition? I can't play those times, but I'm curious which one is getting attention.
Is this a one shot or campaign?