Hi everyone, I've been looking to set up a collaborative Fiasco environment for Roll20 for some time now, so that our group of players could play even if i'm not around. I'm not an expert in using Roll20, so since i ended up with a viable solution, i thought that i'd share my results with other profane users ;-) Basically i've followed the following steps before launching a session with the other players. Step 1. Create a new game with no specific character sheet You do need to start somewhere ;-) Step 2. Insert a dedicated Fiasco background that will serve as placeholder for all the game info You'll need to upload the image in the game, before being able to use it. I designed my own 4-player background by integrating some basic rules recap and some elements from the official playmat: Step 3. Insert as many text objects as placeholders on the background They will be edited during the game, so keep them initially as neutral as possible. You may also need to adapt the size of the font so that the text objects fit in the placeholders. Note that you can create a few ones, that copy-paste them as needed. See step 5 to let other players edit these text objects. Step 4. Define two rollable tables for the white and black dice I've followed the steps defined in the wiki to create one rollable table for the white die and another one for the black die : <a href="https://wiki.roll20.net/Collections#Rollable_Table" rel="nofollow">https://wiki.roll20.net/Collections#Rollable_Table</a>... Personally, I opted to reuse the great "Fiasco Dice" design created by David L. for the graphical rendering of the rollable tables. <a href="https://app.roll20.net/forum/post/345562/fiasco-di" rel="nofollow">https://app.roll20.net/forum/post/345562/fiasco-di</a>... Once the two table are defined, generate 2 white dice tokens and 2 black dice tokens per player on the playing environment. To roll them during the same, select as many as needed, then right click and choose "Multi-Sided" from the menu, then "Random Side". Step 5. Promote the other players as GM so that they can also edit the text objects and roll the white and black dice. Okay, so this is the touchy part. Text objects do have a property "controlled by" ( <a href="https://wiki.roll20.net/API:Objects#Text" rel="nofollow">https://wiki.roll20.net/API:Objects#Text</a> ). However, this property is not accessible through the user interface, and therefore the GM cannot make them controllable by players (unlike tokens). Currently, the only work-around to let other players edit the texts defined in step 3 is to let them become GM too. In the specific case of Fiasco, since there is no need for a specific GM role, it is therefore acceptable to share the GM privileges (which does not override the "Creator" privileges of step1). In addition, if the GM is not around, this will not prevent other players to play... (this may therefore be a solution best suited for regular groups where players know each other). After inviting other players, go to the campain page of your Fiasco Game. There, if you place your mouse over the players avatar, you can access the option to promote to GM or demote a player. Note that the creator of the game cannot be demoted ;-) Step 6. Let's roll ! That's it ! Once you're done with the previous step, you should be ready to go ! Here's what the final set-up looked like before we go started... I hope this can be useful for other players. Don't hesitate to enrich with your own tips and tricks... Cheers ! Ravi