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[LFP][EST][D&D 5e] DM Looking for Players for Semi-Homebrew Campaign!


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Misty Fortunes & Absent Hearts Seeking: 2 players Day/Time: Sundays from 9 pm to ~1 am EST Platform: Roll20 & Discord Hello once again! I must have some kind of addiction problem, because I'm starting up yet another campaign!  This time I'll be running Adventurer's League Season 4, which is a series of "episodic adventures" that run alongside the Curse of Strahd adventure module. They're kind of like one-shots, where each session is a self-contained story, but they all connect in a larger story. Sounds cool, right? Please note, however, that this is not an official AL game - I'm just using the adventures. I will also be homebrewing and tweaking a lot of elements from the AL modules, such as fitting in the players' backstories. The campaign is about 50/50 with roleplay and combat. It's fairly Critical Role-esque. Some of us attempt to roleplay with voices, but if you're not good at it, don't worry, because none of us are good at it either! I'm seeking TWO  players to round out the group! We will be playing every Sunday from 9 pm to ~1 am EST . The first two sessions might run a little longer, though. You can be whatever class you want - most UA content is allowed, just check with me first. I typically don't allow homebrew, but if you have a really amazing character idea, I'll consider looking at it. The one thing I do ask, though, is that you do not discuss your class or race with the other players before the first session. Just play whatever character you want to play, rather than trying to fill whatever role is needed. I will warn you, however, if you choose the same archetype as somebody, like if there's two Hexblade Warlocks. If you have already played Season 4 of Adventurer's League, please do not apply. I don't want anything being spoiled for the rest of the party, no matter how careful you claim to be. If you haven't played it yet, you're in for a treat! It's a very dark, gothic horror setting with lots of monsters and creepy things! Send me a PM if you're interested with the following information: Name: Age: Tell me a little about yourself: Your DnD Experience (newbies welcome!): Do you prefer more roleplay or combat? Are you available on Sundays at 9 pm EST? Have you played AL Season 4 before? Character Name: Character Race: Character Class: Character Backstory: If you don't have a character idea yet, don't worry about it. I'll be busy most of tonight, but I'll get back to you sometime tomorrow.
Sent you a message if you still have room for Wednesday.
Bump. The Wednesday group is full, but there's still two spots for the Sunday group!
How often do you play? I'm looking for a bi-weekly/monthly game to join in. Just can't commit to a weekly game at that time.
How long do you imagine this will go on for? 
Hello. If there is any room for the Sunday group. I'm willing to join.
We play every Sunday. Usually anywhere from 1 to 2 am. I try to keep it closer to 1 am, but the first two sessions will likely end at 2 am. If you're interested, please PM me all the information I listed in my first post. 
Name: Lee Age: 21 Tell me a little about yourself: I am a college student focusing in graphic design (close to graduating.) I love to do activities that involve imagination such as music and art. Of course DnD is no exception because I love the unlimited approaches it has compared to MMOs. Your DnD Experience (newbies welcome!): I played a fair share of 5E (primarily DMed because most people I know are not great at it.) Overall i want a fresh start with players who share the same love for DnD like I do. Do you prefer more roleplay or combat? Personally I'm 60/40 for roleplay/combat. If the party wants to play more combat-oriented, I am open-minded to go with that route as well (or vice versa.) Are you available on Sundays at 9 pm EST? Yes. It is a pretty good time for me. Have you played AL Season 4 before? No Character Name: Ahn Velesen Character Race: Aaisimar Character Class: Cleric (Life) Character Backstory: Ahn is the second-born child of a family that leads a cult worshiping the deity Deus. He lived a simple life, worshiping his deity and planning to live his life in the church. On the other hand, his older brother is destined to become the heir to lead the church. Every new heir has to undergo a ritual where he or she will be given the powers from the previous heir and transform into a Aasimar, which symbolizes as Deus's representative for the cult. Ahn didn't mind that his brother is getting all the attention and plans to support him in his new responsibilities as a member of the church and as his sibling. However, the ritual changed Ahn's life entirely. In the middle of the ritual, the powers refused to transfer into the new heir but went to Ahn. As a result, he lost his humanity and became a Aasimar. This change of events caused chaos in the community. The majority of the members accused Ahn for being a heretic and demanded for him to be executed. Even his brother began to resent him because he believes Ahn to be a thief. Before the execution happened, Ahn managed to escape, leaving everything behind other than a holy symbol of Deus. As a runaway, Ahn lives as a humble acolyte, going out of his way to help others in need. He may not be gung-ho when it comes to combat, but his given powers allow him to support and be a shield for his allies.