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Lighting spell effect on target (5E Shaped)


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Is there a way to have a spell that if the target fails it's saving throw, there can be a button in the spell box that you click and then pick a target token and then that token loses all sight?  For the BLINDNESS spell.  If so, any idea on how to set it up on the spell section of the Shaped Sheet?

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This could be done with token-mod, but it would probably require the GM to run it. Aaron can probably correct this, but the basic syntax for an API button is: [Blind](!token-mod --off light_hassight --ids@{target|target 1|token_id}) I'm not sure if a player has the permissions to use the script on a token they don't own, though. Here is a generalized lighting and vision macro, wrapped up in a Roll Template. This will allow you to control most common cases: /w gm &{template:5e-shaped} {{title=Lighting & Vision}} {{text_big=[Snuff](!token-mod --set light_otherplayers|off light_radius|0 light_dimradius|0 light_angle|360) | [Sight](!token-mod --on showname light_hassight light_angle|360) | [Blind](!token-mod --off showname light_hassight light_angle|360) | [Spot](!token-mod --set light_otherplayers|on light_radius|1 light_dimradius|0 light_angle|360) | [GM](!token-mod --set light_otherplayers|off light_hassight|off light_radius|5 light_dimradius|5 light_angle|360) [Candle](!token-mod --set light_otherplayers|on light_radius|5 light_dimradius|0 light_angle|360) | [Lamp](!token-mod --set light_otherplayers|on light_radius|30 light_dimradius|15 light_angle|360) | [Torch](!token-mod --set light_otherplayers|on light_radius|40 light_dimradius|20 light_angle|360) [Hooded Lantern](!token-mod --set light_otherplayers|on light_radius|60 light_dimradius|30 light_angle|360) | [Bullseye Lantern](!token-mod --set light_otherplayers|on light_radius|120 light_dimradius|60 light_angle|90) [Darkvision](!token-mod --set light_otherplayers|off light_radius|60 light_dimradius|0 light_angle|360) | [DV90](!token-mod --set light_otherplayers|off light_radius|90 light_dimradius|0 light_angle|360) | [DV120](!token-mod --set light_otherplayers|off light_radius|120 light_dimradius|0 light_angle|360) |  [*Light*](!token-mod --set light_otherplayers|on light_radius|40 light_dimradius|20 light_angle|360) | [*Daylight*](!token-mod --set light_otherplayers|on light_radius|120 light_dimradius|60 light_angle|360) | [*Faerie Fire*](!token-mod --set light_otherplayers|on light_radius|1 light_angle|3600 light_dimradius|0 statusmarkers|purple light_angle|360)}}