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!XP added to individual character


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**Edit**   Shaped 5E with Easy XP script I want to use a macro when a PC does something awesome and I want to award some XP to them. !xp challenge ?{How much} but then I want to add so that I can target a pc and it will add the xp to just them.  Any help on that?
maybe something with @selected|token or %character name not to sure best to wait for the APi wisardz to come along to make things easier i am assuming your using the EasyXP in the drop down and the OGL Sheet if not feel free to correct me. 

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The ChatSetAttr script lets you add to specific characters, and supports addition and subtraction IIRC. So you would just have the macro set up using the selected or target keyword. The easiest script-less would be to link one of the token bubbles to the XP stat on the character sheet ,and just add XP directly there as you would with hit points.

Edited 1516811751
This looks very much like the EasyExperience Script by Scott. So to award a single PC XP for something cool that he did you could use the following command: !xp challenge 250 1 @{selected|character_id} This would give 250 XP (multiplied by one = still 250) to the character which is connected to the currently selected token. In that example 250 is the amount of XP to add to the character, 1 is the multiplier and @{... is where the XP should go. Edit: Sorry, I overread you wanted to use targetting, so there you go: !xp challenge ?{Amount} 1 @{target|character_id}
awesome!  Thanks man, that's exactly what I wanted.  
Scott C.
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Thanks for that florian