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[LFG][18+][5e] Seeking GM and perhaps up to 2 other players for Adventure!(via Discord)

Greetings and salutations potential applicants! Thanks for stopping by and taking a look-see at my little classified. Let me take a moment to touch on what I am looking for! LOOKING FOR First and foremost, I'm looking for a GM to lead myself and my friend and perhaps another adventurer or two on an adventure! It doesn't even have to be a grand adventure(at least not right away!). Secondly, we're looking to run this group through Discord. As it is going to be a roleplaying campaign done via text instead of voice chat. Whether or not things like Roll20 are used is up to the GM if they're good with it. And as this is the case, having fairly good grammar is a thing we're looking for to paint us the world with their words. Afterall, we'll be writing a spiffen story together. Thirdly, my friend and I are also looking at possibly bringing in up to two more people so that we have a well rounded group? Though I'm sure we can get by with 2 if need be. So being personable(friendly) and punctual are a plus. Fourth, and probably not last. The time-frame we're shooting for is probably late-day/evenings. As we both work during the day so are not free until later. Me for example, I typically work 7am-4pm CST. So stuff around 5pm and later are desired. Unless it falls on a day off, then WHENEVER! XD GM APPLICANTS So, now that we got what we're looking for outta the way! Let's get into a bit of detail about stuff and things! As a 5e Setting, and my desire for 5e adventure was brought on by Critical Role... I'd like to employ the use of the Tal'Dorei setting material. This makes it a bit easier for a GM as the world is already established! All it needs is for you to make it your own. But if you as a GM have a sweet world you want to show me, by all means! I was also looking at this Zodiac Empire stuff and that looked pretty neato too. So many options. Snowy places are also welcome. I love snow on the inside, but IRL I hate its guts. D:< I myself am interested in starting off at a few levels stronger, since being Lv1 usually just sucks for everyone it seems. XD But that can be hashed out among the group as need be. I secretly wanna start out at Lv5 and allow us players to go beyond Lv20, because growing into a god is what we all desire! Bwahahahaha! Sorry... I like power okay? :c As the future potential GM(you the reader, perhaps), I am also welcome to the idea of creating house rules to tweak things to our liking. It's our game afterall! Screw the police! Along those lines, potential GM applicants don't even need to be grizzled veterans. All you need is creativity, a good grasp of storytelling and the ability to herd cats! And probably know the rules a bit so we don't blow ourselves up. That's always a plus. I myself have a few wants in terms of a GM providing me a story. I am a simple soul really, I only require a few things to be kept happy. Adventures, Phat Loots, Waifus for my Harem and eventual ultimate power!!! Oh, and steady progress. Or at least stuff to keep us entertained! My friend has their own set of desires for a campaign, I shall quote them verbatim for you! [QUOTE]I like sandbox games with a decent amount of strife, not necassarily just combat though. I just don't like it when everything works out without the players actually having to do anything you know? I do like combat though. I think the main thing for me is freedom. If I want to do evil things I should be able to do evil things. Because it's going to happen wether I mean to or not, that's just the sort of person I am.[/QUOTE] So that means she wants to make sacrifices using her own personalness to make progress. Leave the rest of us outta that. XD I kid. I kid. Strife keeps things interesting. A bit of struggle makes us appreciate what we earn. But being squashed is terrible. I get attached to my characters and I'd like it if they didn't die in the first 10 minutes from a plague rat. :c PLAYER APPLICANT For those wishing to join, my criteria isn't as large. Just be friendly, punctual to game time and don't go getting distracted with video games and stuff during the game. Oh, and the ability to RP. That's a big'un. The game will be for adults, so be prepared! There might be butt touches, who knows. But please try to keep that sort of thing in check and not having it all out all over the place all willy nilly like. Afterall, I do want a harem... Huehuehue. That pretty much wraps it up. Those interested are free to reply here or get ahold of me on Discord. Just be sure to tell me what you're poking me for so I don't label you a crazy person. Discord ID: Appletini#2876 Thanks for reading, and thanks for your time!
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