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pathfinder character sheet freezes roll20

I'm in a pathfinder campaign, and every time anyone in the game does anything with their character sheet, roll20 locks up and the firefox tab needs to be closed and the player needs to rejoins the game. I did some testing and it seems that it is only when someone tries to access a changeable field (to update heath or change a name or what have you). We are able to chat and use tokens and roll dice from the character sheet no problem, so I'm not really sure what to do. Additionally, this does happen with my other pathfinder game. Though some playing I can not alter my tokens health, but my DM can, so there is an additional point of failure for me specifically. To make sure it is pathfinder specifically I tested my fate game, and nothing seemed amiss there. I then created a 3.5 game to further test these issuse as well, and 3.5 worked fine. Is there anyone else playing pathfinder is running into this problem, its a pretty bad one. Also help please!
Quick bit of extra information, the check boxes work fine (like for a buff). So I can turn on rage and click the die to attack... but try to change hp after getting hit and still crash.
yeah Im having the same issue as are the rest of my players in my group. We cant seem to edit anything on our character sheets.
The recent version of Firefox (58) causes this problem. You can try downgrading Firefox to version 57 or use Chrome until it is fixed.
Thanks for the info.  I was having the same problem.  Guess it's time to use Chrome...
the latest firefox seems to have been breaking everything lately... well, good to know its the browser and we can work around it. thanks!