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Roll20 Video vs. Discord and other services

I've noticed that a lot of games seem to use an outside voice chat service rather than the integrated video chat of Roll20.  I wanted to ask about why this is.  I really want to use video for my games, as facial expressions are a huge part of role-playing.  Can anyone advise me on this?
Sheet Author
There's been "issues" in the past, and some may argue... as well as the present with roll20's built-in voice/video feature.&nbsp; <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a>... A recent update on roll20 was made to address this, so it's best to try it with your group and see how it works for you.
in my games i find it easier to organize and talk outside of roll20 so it was only an natural extsioen to also use outside soruces for the game audio
Pat S.
Forum Champion
Sheet Author
You can use discord for the voice and roll20's video or you can try to use all of roll20 audio and video. Work is still being done on the roll20 A/V and if you want to help out then run a game with it and give&nbsp; feedback on how the A/V functions for your group.
Thanks for the replies.&nbsp; I'll try the in-game video and see how it goes!