The title says it all. I'm looking for a reliable player to assist a crew of promising young upstarts in asserting dominance on the haunted streets of Duskvol! Campaign is titled *Murder of Crows* and is only a single session in. For those unfamiliar with Blades in the Dark, it is a supernatural fantasy game set in an industrial world perpetually covered in dusk. The story focuses on a crew/gang of rookie criminals as they work to unbalance and then take control of the criminal underworld by completing heists, assassinations, kidnappings, escorts, smuggling runs, etc. We have a player who is likely to be out today (and realistically, seems like she might be unreliable in the future) so I would like to get someone that can maintain the status quo of 4 players to keep the action moving. You can check out the game page  here and indicate interest. Ideally, I'd like to get someone TODAY and for the remainder of the campaign. We had a SOLID start and most everyone's excited to keep it going!