Macros used in/on Handouts

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Hi, It's easy to add macros to Charcter Sheets (in the Abilities&Actions section). It would be nice to have this also on handouts. E.g. I have handouts for random encounters which branch off to other possibilities. E.g. in Out of the Abyss: Terrain Encounters->Boneyard there is a table what happens at the boneyard. Would be nice to roll on this table directly from the handout as a macro. The suggestion would be to add a Abilities&Actions section to the handout. Thanks! Bernd
I'm not sure if this is what you are expecting, but you can call macros from within a handout. Look in to  Journal Command Buttons .
Scott C.
Sheet Author
API Scripter
Journal command buttons are indeed what you want. If you're looking to get attributes and abilities a la a character sheet, just use a character sheet.
Wonderful! Precisely what I wanted. Thank you very much!