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Direlands Campaign (5E Friday Evenings 9/10pm GMT+1) New Players welcome

Hi everyone,  Applications are open for a low magic, grim dark setting. Here is the listing: and here is the premise: You are a prisoner on a ship bound for a life of servitude in a country you have not heard of. Only you know your crimes. For months you have sailed in silence, a single word bringing you more pain that a lifetime of suffering. You have learnt to bite your tongue. Then one day a terrible storm crashes your ship upon the rocks of a place unknown. You are one of four survivors. Restrictions: All humans apart from 1 player character All non magic users apart from 1 player character Start at level 1 Thanks,  Stephen
Small bump.. I promise I will only do this one more time..
I think the one issue people will have is the limits here, everyone but one person is human, which WILL lead to arguing, and only one person can use magic which will also lead to that, its just very very limiting on what people could actually create in this situation
Hi Jason, I understand and appreciate the feedback. That is also why I wanted to post straight up. This kind of campaign is not everyone's cup of tea.  That said it is a campaign I want to run. If people don't fancy it, I can always run it live for my existing groups, but just wanted to gauge interest. I know that generally on here people find it harder to find games than to volunteer to DM, so I thought it would be a good place to float it. Thanks again for the comment, I completely understand where you are coming from, as you are right. It is limiting...but intentionally built that way.