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[Star Wars: Saga Edition] Basic Problem Editing Existing Character Sheet

KS Backer
I'm in the process of trying to run a Saga Edition game with more gear/loot akin to the KOTOR video game experience and in the process I wanted to do away with the level bonus to Defenses so this seemed to be as good a time as any to try editing a character sheet. Following the instructions in the Wiki I copied over the HTML, copied the CSS, and the Preview looked like this: But as soon as I get into the game and generate a new character sheet it looks like this: So I seem to be failing before I've even started. Can anyone tell me what I'm doing wrong?
Andreas J.
Sheet Author
Those red things are probably there because there are  language tags on the sheet and when you edited that one the tags reference the none-existing english.json(or whatever language you have your Roll20 set to). Had that happen when I renamed some stuff in a sheet I made for WOD that was based on another WoD sheet that the tags in the titles. Try removing them and see if it then shows the proper text.
You need to grab the translation.json file from GitHub and paste it in the Translation tab in your game's settings.