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[LFDM] [5E D&D] New D&D group looking for a DM

Hi, my name is Sebastian. Me and four other people are looking for a DM for our newly formed D&D group. Our ages range from 24-26 and we recently found each other through Roll20. We're all from Denmark but speak English and plan to play using English as well. Myself and one other player are experienced. I have played for about a year and i'm also a frequent watcher of various D&D shows. One of the other players, my roommate, is a veteran player who have played various tabletop games since he was in his teens. He has experience both as player and DM. The three other people in the group are new players who haven't played the game before. I have been talking with them, introducing the D&D system as well as given them the Players Handbook, Volo's guide and Xanathars guide. Me and my roommate will continue to do so before the game starts.  Info for and about the DM: - The sessions are scheduled to be on Wednesdays in the general time frame 18:00 - 22:00 GMT+1 (6:00 PM - 10:00 PM GMT+1). We plan to play weekly (with exceptions).    - The DM should be prepared for running a campaign for a few new players. Something myself and my roommate will help with - This group is aimed to be long term thing. We are committed and we would like the DM to be as well. - The campaign the DM chooses to run is completely up to him/her. whether it being a Published campaign or home brew doesn't matter. Just keep in mind that there will be 3 players who are new to the game. - We plan to be allowing all official books from wizards of the coast, but this can be discussed if the DM disapproves. - the players have already begun planning out characters. If you have any questions or want to apply, send me a message. We look forward to hearing from you. Regards, Sebastian
Fellow danes! I wouldn't mind taking you up, I suppose, though I do already have a game every second wednesday IRL. Is it the only day you guys can play? I also have a habit of making my worlds stand out a bit and have some restrictions, but it's something that could be discussed :) May I ask what kind of characters you guys are planning?
Hi guys, I don't have the most experience or the best abilities however have DM'd in the past. I just don't have friends who are really that into it. It'd be cool to join a group whose as interested as I am in roleplaying games. I've been trying to finish running the Lost Mine of Phandelver for like half a year now so I'm pretty well versed in it if you don't mind playing that for starters. 
I think Sebastian is sleeping so I will just answer for him, as I am one of the new players.  Unfortunately I think Wednesday is the only day that really fits into all of our schedule. I myself, have a biweekly game of Mage: The Awakening running Thursdays and everyone else got their thing as well. I believe one of our players is travelling a lot for work, so Mondays and Fridays are off the table, as well as we don't want to play during the weekends since everyone got their own stuff to do in the weekends. I can't remember why Tuesday doesn't work, maybe it can. About characters, I think at least everyone has more or less the classes nailed down, some have even more or less finished the backstories and everything as well. Cleric, Warlock, Barbarian, Ranger, and Thief. I do not know anything about the other characters, as that would spoil the game for me, also I don't know if anyone has changed their minds since we last talked, but I don't think so.
What Peter said is correct. Wednesday was the day that seemed to fit most people. We can of cause discuss in the group and see if Tuesday might be variable In terms of the characters the ones Peter listed seems to be the general idea for the time being. Everything is of cause subject to change. Few of the characters are planned to be a subclass from Xanathars guide as well. In the coming days we will review everyone who applies to this listing and we're happy to answer any question you might have :)
I would be interested in Dming for you guys. I currently DM for two groups of friends already on a weekly basis and would love to have more DnD in my life. I have quite a bit of DM experience with new and veteran players.  The only problem is that I live in EST in the US and I am not available Wednesday until  after 6am est. Which, I think, is 11pm for you guys.. or 12.. not sure exactly because time zones are silly.

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That sounds great Moose, I think we are more or less slowly coming to an agreement, that Tuesdays work as well. But the time slot we can't change, since we all have jobs and family.
That is unfortunate. I work third shift Monday through Thursday. So I wont be available til about 6:30 AM EST on those days and Thurs-Sunday are my weekly groups already. So unless you guys can meet at different times I don't think I will be a good fit which bums me the hell out .
I am afraid that these are the times we can work with, we are already cutting our dinner time short and we can't go any later since people have to get up very early in the morning for their jobs. 18:00 CET/GMT +1 would be noon (12:00) EST I believe, as you are 6 hours behind us.
Hey gents! I'm currently DMing for a group playing every weekend and I could be interrested in DMing for you guys. I'm new to roll20 in general and still learning to use it proper, but I've DMed quite a lot using regular pen 'n paper, I've no issues with new players as I myself am learning the tools. I'm danish myself and the time frame is not an issue for me at the moment, and I doubt it will be a problem in the future, but just in case, I am currently trying to find a new job so there is a slight chance it could become an issue in the future. I'd like to know what kind of campaign you're expecting, as I prefer playing a good/neutral alligned campaign, tho I do not have an issue with an evil campaign, but I refuse to run a campaign for a full group chaotic evil rape/murder everything that moves group, tried it once, hated it, never again wasting my time with that. Cheers.
This post is now closed as we have found our DM. Thanks for the replies and happy gaming.