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Dynamic lighting question..

Sorry if this has been asked before but I've searched the forum and googled it. Hopefully this makes sense. Currently I have set up dynamic lighting correctly (so I think) and I added a torch in a room and now that room is shown on map. How can I hide the room until the players open the door? The red line is the door that I thought would block the light from the players.  This is the room is the dynamic lighting layer This is what the players see in another tab I have open: But this is what I see in GM view if I click the players and press ctrl L (This is what I want the players to see!!)  What am I doing wrong??
Is your other tab setup as you rejoined as a player?
Do you happen to have the box for "all players see light" ticked on the torch?

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Are the tokens in the room attached to an NPC character sheet, or do they have sight enabled?  If so, when you are logged in as a player, NPCs that you control as GM act as tokens for you, and you get their sight, all of them.  In my experiments, this is not true for tokens in the GM layer, but it is true for tokens in the map layer, and it is also true for tokens in the dynamic lighting layer that are not even visible when you are logged in as a player! 
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Don't forget to check if the torch itself has sight enabled.
Thanks everyone