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[looking for DM] Looking for DM

Bunch of gays lookin for a DM, we're all set up and mostly completely new or have only played a few times so looking for a DM whos cool, patient and can help teach us and also has a really fun campaign for beginners. plan is for weekly sessions.  Also will want to add you on Discord so make sure thats ok/you have an account there.  //i have no idea what im doing, if i wrote this wrong or something let me know
It would help what system and edd of system (if it has one) you wish to learn and play. Also posting time zone and what days and time are free be good idea.
As Mizore said there are one or two bits of information needed or left unanswered that can help you find a DM fit for you guys. First being what edition of Dungeons and Dragons you are looking to run. The most recent and most played currently is 5th edition, commonly referred top as 5e. The second being the time you guy swish to play and time zone.  With that being said I would be more than happy to take some new players under my wing. I am currently only available, though, Monday - Thursday morning 6:30am- 12pm EST (eastern standard time) in the United States.