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[LFG][5th Edition or L5R] Long time player looking for a regular session


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Name: David Age: 34 Time Zone: CST (Work Night shifts so can be available both am and pm) Interested in: Dungeon and Dragons (Most interested in 5th, But experienced with 2/3/3,5) Legend of the 5 Rings (Only experienced with 1st and 4th edition) Roleplaying vs Combat vs Puzzles?I like all of them. A balanced split is all good with me. Communication Platforms: I Use Discord regularly, have experience with Skype and older communication platforms like IRC. Availability: I work nights, so my schedule is very straightforward. Mondays: 4pm-10pm Tuesdays: 7am - 11am Wednesdays: 7am - 11am and 4pm-10pm Thursdays: 7am - 11am and 4pm-10pm Fridays: 7am - 11am Saturdays: 7am - 11am and 4pm-10pm Sundays: Unavailable About myself: I’ve played around with DnD since my brother got his first few ADnD books from a neighbours garage sale in the early 90’s. As a huge fan of fantasy roleplaying settings, and a growing delight in creative writing, I love to invest time into shared rp worlds and DnD is one of my favorite systems to interact with others. Recently I’ve started looking into 5th edition and have again fallen in love but have no local group to play with these days, so I am now searching online for a group that I can join in my free time before work. I will update this page occasionally with character ideas that include basic backstories as examples, as well as further details to the above info when I have free time.

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An example character concept with a very basic backstory and storyhook to join a campaign: Birth Name: Volath Nickname: (Given by chief, used in casual conversation) UndyingStone (Formanly Stonesmelter) Clan Name: Egumavea Race: Goliath [Volo’s Guide to Monsters, page 108] Alignment: Lawful Neutral Class: Paladin (Oath of Vengeance or Oath of Conquest [Xanather’s Guide to Everything]) Background: Soldier (Blacksmith) Backstory: A clan blacksmith to a tribe that was losing a war of attrition to a clan of deep dwarfs. Stonesmelter found his true calling when he got caught up in the war when the dwarfs broke into the tribes saves, and was mortally wounded, yet instead of dying, survived, and was reborn with a new faith, and a need for vengeance (or conquest). Diving wholeheartedly into his clans war and given the new Nickname by his chief as UndyingStone. After the war, he in the boredom of peace, his mind wandered, and eventually his mind was overtaken by a fuge. After unknown months, he finds himself newly arrived to the unfamiliar lands far from his home mountain. Feeling refreshed and looking for a new quest, he no occasionally dreams of making the long quest to return to his homeland… eventually.
Le Bump due to bad sleep / writers block.