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Need Test-Player for Homebrew Warlock Subclass


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I'm looking for someone willing to test out a Warlock homebrew subclass I've spent a few months working on. The game I'm running is D&D 5e on Wednesdays at 3:00 - 7:00 CST. The Patron is based off a character in a book I've been writing (Epics of Noche). Here is a link that gives all the info on this class. Deviantart Picture Link Thank you for your time and effort.
If you don't mind, I'll give you a review of it directly from it as I understand quite a bit of game balance having created some systems myself. You often don't need to play test things, you can get a grip for what it can do just by calmly analising it's abillities and possible combos. Let's start with each individual ability: Pact of Omni-War: I feel you probably don't want to limit this to just a few weapons and allow the opportunity to create any type of weapon user going from any melee weapon to any ranged weapon. At the end of the day it's doubtful it will ever beat a sorlock for power anyway. Other than that, seems balanced, using Cha as the attack stat should be allowed for any weapon pact warlocks anyway since it's a bad idea to make the player decide between getting a good Cha or a good Dex or a good Str. Class specific eldritch invocations: POE's Lightning - I feel this is actually pretty weak and considering it's a pre-req for some other eldritch invocations it just feels as a forced wasted EI. This should probably be worked into Pact of Omni-War. POE's Water - Mixed feelings about this one. Usually the kind of damage given tends to be either 1/2 or 1/4 but they also tend to be available on every attack. Considering that This beneficts the most from not multiclassing I'd do it 1/2 damage but on every attack, that opens a few options for a polearms master with 3 attack doing extra damage on every attack to be at least slightly competitive where damage is concerned. POE's Air - Doesn't seems very good, the circunstances where that would be helpful would be incredibly small. Pretty sure few people would ever pick this. That said there are plenty of EI in the PHB that are useless too, however when I look at homebrew I expect everything to be more properly balanced in the sense that everything is pretty useful or if they are situational, the situations are not super rare and when they arise it's pretty powerful. A good example of something situational is a silence spell. It's only good against casters but when you use it, it's is incredibly powerful. POE's Depression - Again not useful. The only use for a decanter of endless water is if you ant to cheat things by flooding entire dungeons and drown everything inside so you don't have to fight them and such. POE's Rage - It's quite decent, getting an attack as a bonus action is nothing to sniff at, however you already have polearms master to give you that and you usually have use for your bonus action as a warlock anyways since your hex tends to be swaped around often enough. It's good enough if you really want a greatsword or something otherwise not worth it. It's good as an optional EI depending on your build. POE's fear of failure - Some archtypes have done this in some way, half orc does it by default but here's the thing you have to remember about this. Everytime you give something that happens when you go to 0 HP, you are giving an ability that bets on you losing! Betting on losing is never a good thing and you want something that is far more useful. POE's Corruption - Situational at best. How many times is something going to be as such low HP that you can use this? At the same time, it's an instant guaranteed kill which needs no rolls of any kind and gives no chance to the enemy to survive it and that is too powerful even if it can only be used on very low HP enemies. Don't take this as the negatives balancing the positives. It literaly is bad because it's too situational and it's bad because it's absurdly powerful when you cna actually use it. It needs a redesign to be usable more often and to give a save to the enemy. POE's Scar - Not a good EI in all honesty. To start with, the create/signature moves are not good (More as I analise them) and also the exchange rate is pretty dreadful too. There also shouldn't be much of a need for recovery of these abilities because you get more than enough Drive points so you shouldn't run out easily. The only use for it is refuleling the Augment but again, the trade rates are pretty poor and you gain enough drive points as it is anyway. Create: First I'll start by saying, creating objects is not that useful, if it was there are wizard that do that and there is a reason why no one picks them. As a damage dealing ability is pretty weak so it's not even worth using that over casting a spell or straight up attacking. Lastly as resource for the signature moves is not great as the signature moves aren't good enough. POE Signature Moves: Dead Light Cannon - Probably calling this "gravity well" would give a more accurate idea of what it is meant to do. Now the damage it does is insignificant, that being there or not is the same thing. As for the pulling abillity, the usefulness of it is pretty low. That would be nice if you can force an enemy off a cliff or into a pit fall trap of some kind, it has no other use and the number of situations you'll find yourself that this can be of use can range anywhere from 0 to practically 0 in a campaign... Cool looking, but not useful. Siren's Suffocation - It doesn't does what you expect to, it just blinds and deafens, there are already spells to do this so this is very redundant. The only way to balance this is to make it last only 1 minute and make it not have a saving throw to remove the effect (only save against it when it's first cast). Otherwise it doesn't offers anything worth thinking about. Abysmal Anchor - Teorically interesting, mechanically, not so much. 1 turn stuns are a thing of the Monk class. They go in and stun enemies for 1 round and do that over and over again. That's what a monk is, a stun bot. This is worse because there are extra immunities against it and you cna only do it once where monks do 3 attacks, each of them a possible stun. Drowning Derilict - First I must start by saying. Great job on going with tentacles. I'm always up for some tentacle action. However mechanically this is a mess. Starting with, there is no need for 1 hour. I'd be surprised if anyone would even be grappled for 1 minute so you probavbly want to limit it to that. Second, target that get grappled, are grappled, theyt don't save against it, that's not how mechanics works. Also when you say that a target can save against it again on it's own turn you must specify if it is at the begining or at the end of the turn. Lastly the way grappling works with spells is. if they fail the save they are grappled. Then if they want to get free on their turn they can try to get free the same way any character gets free of a grapple, by roilling an athletics or acrobatics against the save DC. All in all, grappling is not very useful especially when enemies get a save and get more atempts to get free. It may buy time if you need to run but how many times do you need to run away in D&D? Augment: This one feels almost on point. Almost the idea to spend drive points to get resistance against everything for 1 round, pretty great. In fact you should change the bonus to resistance rather than halving damage just so it doesn't stacks with resistance which would be too powerful. Either that or make it only work against a single hit in which case halving rather than resistance is balanced. Other than that you just need to reword to be "Your AC = 10 + Dex + Con", that way you already kick out the option of using unarmoured defenses and whatnot. You probably don't want to limit the use of shields, if anything you should give this class shield proficiency to balance it. Black Knight Armor: Short duration but good bonus. Overall it feels balanced as it is, however I'd probably make it weaker and make it usable more often. One use abilities tend to be more useful in the damage dealing capacity rather than the protection capacity. Limbo Lighthouse: Honestely I fail to see the point of this ability. You cast a teleport that costs a fortune in Drive points. The problem is not paying the points since you'll probably be able to take a long rest after it, but that you have to specifically leave so many points sitting idle for it. Teleporting should be safe by default or not done at all too, you'll find that is how most casters operate with teleportations spells. If it's not safe then they don't even pick it up. Last, this kind of teleport is again a run away ability for the most part. Don't bet on losing. All in all, as it is, this is no better than other warlocks. It doesn't gains anything that makes you really want to play it and warlocks are already a pretty weak class. By themselves they are not able to tank, their damage is subpar and their magic is so limited that it's not useful enough. Warlocks are only good as the Sorlock variant where they just turns into an eldritch blast machinegun. As a multiclass option their use is extremely limited. I can only see taking 6 levels of it to get the augment option and really, only for the damage reduction since just using shield + plate is better than heavily investing into stats which tends to be impossible unless you rolled for stats and managed to get a god roll with like 3x 18s. Even then as a tanking bonus, it takes 6 entire levels just to gain a small bonus so it's not really worth it to invest so heavily into tanking because even tanks need to pull their weight in combat and do some damage. I will give you couple tips for further creating archtypes for classes that are based around doing melee/ranged damage (so not spellcaster based). The very first thing you want is to think, what is the average damage this character will do per round at level 20? If it deals around 40 then it's a tank class. If it's around 60 it's a damage dealer, if it deals around 80 it's a very powerful damage dealer on the level of a sorlock. Any lower or higher it's a bad class that is not very useful. On the 40 end you want to add defensive abilities and burst like abilities, kinda the way a paladin works. If it's on the 60 you want small burst abilities, like the fighter gets action surge for example but you want the burst to come only after level 5 since you don't want multiclassing into it to be easy and fast and allow overpowered characters with easy multiclassing. If you are on the 80 end then you don't want to add defensive or burst abilities. You add some utility that is used at the expense of not attacking, however amke sure the utility is indeed useful in lots of situations. Hope this helps.
Hi there Elhazzard, Thank you for the quick response :D I'm gonna look into doing some adjustments based on the areas you suggested. Also, I had some questions for some of your inputs to help clarify what I should do. I'll just copy the ones I need a bit more help with. The main idea behind this was to make a balanced class that represented all the abilities of the character from my book... So some of the names & functions would probably be lackluster when taken from one medium and transferred to another (which is why I'm glad you're here.). Pact of Omni-War : I wanted to create something different from the Pact of Blade, especially now with Hexblade out. My main character use this weapon that can switch between all three forms. So I made this pact to focus more on that, rather than any particular weapon. Here are the pros and cons I've focused on while crafting it. + Can use CHA for Atk & Dam without being a Hexblade. + It is am arcane focus without needing an invocation + Bonus action to summon / switch - It has only these 3 weapon forms - You cannot replace it with a stronger, magical weapon. Like a +3 greatsword. POE'S LIGHTNING - With the way this one is worded you can turn any damage into lightning... It actually is pretty interesting to change your EB to lightning while having the Elemental Adept (lightning) feat.; although I admit I love the idea of including this on the omnioar. POE'S WATER - I was focusing more on using this with spells or a single (cough-greatsword-cough) attack; rather then multiattack. For example it will always affect a wet target if you cast thunderwave & change the damage to lightning; using the above invocagtion. I tried to balance it by making a coating of water evaporate, but I'm worried it's still too much damage.  POE's AIR - This one is a bit more weaker, orignally it was you half your movement as additional flying speed... but I worried that was too much and reduced it to 15. Although.... if the DM allowed it, this could always prevent falling damage as taking a dash or disengage while falling will give you this last minute flying speed. (Would you change it to half your movement speed? Also would you allow it to prevent fall damage?) POE's DEPRESSION - It is true the decanter is not that useful, this one is more flavor. (The book I wrote has HEAVY themes of water... and I honestly just love this magic item). The main idea was if you hit with the omnioar, you could instantly activate the POE'S WATER invocation; should you have POE'S LIGHTNING. All in all... it requires three invocations together to make a single weapon attack deal an extra LV damage. POE'S RAGE - Basically the reason to choose the Omnioar over PACT OF BLADE. It doesn't specify using an attack to attack as a bonus. You can cast a spell (Eldritch blast) & hit someone with your Omnioar. Although for sheer melee attacks, it falls shy (with Polearm master and extra attack).  POE'S FEAR OF FAILURE - Used to be a DEATHWARD spell effect, but after much disscussion with friends I reduced it to this... The idea behind it is again to do with flavor. Main character of book is super scared of failing, so this sorta represents that. (I agree you shouldn't bet on losing though.) POE'S CORRUPTION - This one actually focuses more on Objects rather than creatures... It is rather overpowered, as in the book it was designed to be "OH FUCK" if one encounters it. I roughly used a sphere of annihilation as reference. Currently if someone wanted to use it they'd have to do an unarmed strike (1d20+PRO+STR)... I would like to make it a dex save, but I don't know how to go about it... Maybe vs my Spell DC on hit? (It'd definitely wreck any object it touches.)  POE'S SCAR - With one of the focuses of this class being Drive Points, I wanted a way that was similar to a Sorcerer's ability to regain sorcery points. Maybe I should change it to you can regain a set number of points on a short rest rather than hit die? CREATE - Basically another critical element of the book; as every character can use this ability. I was trying to find a nice way to give it mechanics for a game. Like you said, in and of itself it's not that useful... But it opens up interesting playstyles like creating Cover or a solid 5ft steel ball to disable all those kobold trap wires. (The signature moves are a bonus action, so I tried to keep them a bit weaker... I want to keep it as a bonus, what should I do?) DEAD LIGHT CANNON - This is the signature move of the main character. It's basically an explosion that becomes a vacuum. It wets all the targets automatically (To use Poe's Water on), then it can deal damage and move them if they fail. I didn't want to make it too big or damage dealing for a 1 drive point bonus action. It's more crowd control as a 10ft radius is a pretty nice coverage. (What would you change?)   SIREN'S SUFFOCATION - I used the 2nd blindness deafness spell for this... and I was worried it was a bit more powerful as it does both effects & uses a WIS save instead of CON. Especially when this is a bonus action and only consumes 1 DP. ABYSMAL ANCHOR - The stun thing is a good point, especially about monks, but I was worried about this because regardless of save or fail you the target loses a reaction... that's why I added in the resistance / immunity detail. It's more of an "attack + disengage" bonus on one opponent. DROWNING DERELICT - When I wrote "wrap around all targets" I did not mean automatic grapple... How should I clarify that? Also would it be ok to change it to a STR save at the end of one's turn? (Or should it be an action to do athletics / acro vs Spell DC? I wanted to diversify the types of save. Con, Wis, Dex, & Str.) AUGMENT - I like the idea of switching it to resistance. I'm worried the "AC = 10 + dex + con" would be a bit too vague... The idea was instead of using shields, you could use light armor. (Thus you could have +3 studded leather & 2 arms free). Removing shields was one of the hardest choices I made, but my friend felt very strongly it would be too powerful to be able to have light armor & shields; should one obtain proficiency with shields somehow. BLACK KNIGHT ARMOR: I was pondering the idea of using Drive Points to summon it multiple times, how would that sound instead? LIMBO LIGHTHOUSE: You can cast teleport without the drive points... the 10 points just allow you to remove the Verbal components. Thus making it impossible to counterspell as there's no physical evidence of the spell being casted. It also gives you advantage on the 1d100 roll; great if you don't know the place you want to go to well. All in all this is an extra 7th slot to move between cities with, that has the bonus of being secretive in the need for a quick escape. Thank you for all the time and effort you did for your post, it's very helpful and I'm gonna show it to my fellow players to see what can be changed :D thank you so much!

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The problem with warlocks as I said is that just by itself is very lack luster. They don't tank, they don't do enough damage, they don't support because they don't have enough spell slots. They suffer from the classic warmage syndrome. They try to be good at everything without being overpowered and they just turn out to be bad at everything and that is the usual problem with most games that try to do jacks of all trades, they will either be overpowered or underpowered. This is because if you do the bare minimum that is acceptable to be good but you are the bare minimum good at everything, then you are too good, if you do anything less than the bare minimum then it's not even worth it. There is no balance possible to jacks of all trades. This is why you should distance yourself from the traditional balance of the warlock because they are just too bad as their own class and too good when multiclassed with sorcerers. I get what you are trying to do with the pact. The cha is good. Being an arcane focus is nice although unimportant if you have a two handed weapon considering you can take one hand off the weapon to just grab the focus. It is nice if you used 2 weapons or weapon + shield. Bonus action to summon a weapon is in line with weapon pact but it's really really bad for action economy. Compare you who spend a bonus action to summon it with a guy who uses an item interaction (which you get one free per turn) to just draw it. There is no comparison. Weapon only having 3 forms is indeed a negative and an unnecessary one. When you make an archtype or even a class, don't think of what you want to play, think of everyone who may use what you've made. Is there a real reason to limit the weapons? No the ability is by no means strong so there is no point in restricting it. Not being able to replace the weapon with a magical version isn't just bad, it's terrible. You only make the class straight up worse than the general warlock by doing so and warlocks as a single class are already in a very bad position. Again don't add negatives when there is no need. Turning damage to lightning is useless whether it's the physical or the force from EB. In the case of physical you only care that the damage is magical and if it is, there is no reduction or immunity against it. In the case of EB, there is nothing with resistence or even immunity against force. I think I saw something once but I believe it was a homebrew monster anyway. Force is the best damage type, followed by radiant which is only resisted by angels which you normally don't fight. Water is not too much damage. The idea of getting people wet and whatnot doesn't does anything. There isn't a wet debuff or anything and you didn't create any kind of combo of getting enemies wet and then turning that into extra damage or anything. This is probably for the best since you don't want players thinking too much on how to go on combos but rather just thinking of what to use when. The 20 possible damage once per turn is not OP, but it would be best to have less damage that can stack up with multiple attacks. In my option you can go up to 30 extra damage assuming you hit 3 attacks in a round. Abillities that are one use per turn like the ranger's one is like meh. You want things that trigger every attack. Also by making it less damage but applied to every attack you get less damage waste on overkills. Air, well the abillity to prevent fall damage is not really a problem, I've never taken falling damage except in a situation where I jumped from somehwere high for shits and giggles though it was completely unecessary. For this to be good it would have to be as much as your base movement. That basically makes it as good as a rogue except you don't waste a bonus action but rather you spend an EI to get it. Depression has nothing that could be done except if you wanted to make it be able to push enemies back, however as a melee character you probably don't want that anyway. Rage, no point really. You don't want to divide your EI to both EB and melee, you want to focus on something and stick with it. However as I said, it's situationally good depending on your weapon so it doesn't needs a change. Failure, well as long as you understand that you did something which is not worth it and just wanted it there for flavor it's alright I guess. I personally prefer not to give any bad options at all in the things I do. There is plenty of people who are terrible at building characters and are just a dead weight in combat which is frankly a problem if your DM plans fights for the full party rather than half the party because some are of no use. In other words, it's better never to give players a way of failing. Corruption, if it's meant for objects then you should do that. However it would make it still pretty useless for objects. I'd probably change this heavily. Scar, the way you set it is you gain 1 point per hit die spent which is bad. You probably want either 3 per die or 1d6 per die. I still feel no one would use this because you get more than enough Drive points and the only use for them is reducing damage anyway. Create, get what you are trying but as you realised, it's not useful. creating cover, and so on, it just has no use and it's the waste of an action/bonus action. The signature moves should be something that you add on top of your attacks. Don't make them bonus actions make it like monk abilities, you can just use them without using any kind of action for it. Obviously these should be things that tie into attacks and such. For example adding damage to an attack, adding a debuff (not stun since that's a monk thing), possibly even things you do as a reaction like attacking when someone misses or when someone hits (pick one, not both) or adding AC, possibly getting advantage on a save. That's what you probably want to turn signature moves into. I see what you are trying to do on augment, I didn't thought you were trying to get light armor in there. light armor + shields would indeed be too strong. I guess you can just keep it as is. To be honest the AC bonus is never too great from it because you are going to be maxing Cha so you won't be increasing your dex or even your con so you'll only gain a small bonus from it. However the great point does come from the resistance anyway. For the armor I'd remove the extra bonus for drive points (the charm and fear immunity simply work because even if you are already, the moment you become immune it breaks by default anyway and it's not broken anyway). Then make it cost 3 points each time you activate it for 1 minute. For the teleport. It can still be counterspelled. So long as you are within counterspelled range and visible, you can be counterspelled even if the spell has absolutely no components of any kind. All the bonus you give to it don't make it worth 10 point, probably not even 5. Not to mention teleporting is usually done to run awya which is betting on losing, if you want to teleport as utility you need no extra stuff for it anyway. If you wanna make it fun, make it just be able to teleport an enemy away instead. There is a spell that allows teleporting enemies away so make it cast that spell instead and make it cost like 5 points to do it at a range of 60ft. That makes it a pretty solid ability as you can teleport dangerous enemies into the fire plane or something where they will die or at least not be your problem anymore. Obviously you only want to do this to non loot droping enemies. I still think the archtype doesn't has enough damage to be competitive but you can compensate for it in the signature moves.
Ok, based upon the feedback here & from my fellow friends, I've updated the poelock accordingly. Here is the latest version. POELOCK v2.0
Alrighty, let's take a look at this then. Pact - A little bit too strong in the getting one of the best magical items for the game for a warlock for free. You definitely want to get rid of that. Lightining - Giving it the bonus of a feat is actually the wrong way to go about, if people want the bonus of a feat they should take the feat, not get it as an ability. That aside, that feat is absolutely terrible and no one ever takes it. If it allowed to reroll when you get a 1 it would be alright, but I still don't like that what it does is the same or better than a feat. You should differentiate, not replicate what other things do. Water - It's the same as before, you already know my feelings on it. Air - Same thing. Depression - Same thing. Rage - Same thing. Fear - Same thing. Scars - It has been improved a little, I'd make it a d6 rather than a d4. Other than that the only observation I have is that level 15 comes very late, you probably will never even get to use this. I'd lower this to level 10. Corruption - It is now more usable, it also requires hitting but guaranteed killing is always a bit iffy. Still I suppose you trade all your attacks for 1 attack that does "30 guaranteed damage". It's not broken as it is but do understand some people will think this is broken. Spell list - Yeah I forgot about this the last time. Some good spells, some bad spells. I don't see anything unbalanced but I see a lack of theme in the spells granted, you may want to take that into consideration. Create - Same as before. Dead Light Cannon (AKA Gravity Well) - Same thing. Siren - Still not useful, needs a max duration even though it will probably never last the full course. Give it 1 minute to keep it in line with this kind of spells. Anchor - Same thing. Derilict (AKA Hentai Tentacles :P) - Grapples do not work by repeating saves. Once you fail the safe you are grappled. To break free of a grapple you have to roll acrobatics or athletics (enemy choice) against the save DC. Augment - I see you modified it as I sugested. Costing 2 points for an entire turn is more balanced too. Just a small note, you misspelled Resistance. Black Knight Armor - I'd lower the cost to 3 points. I'd add a note saying that people who can see through magical darkness can see through it. So other warlocks if they have the right EI, Demons and such. Just a small balance thing. Limbo - The lower cost is still too high, again sugest 5 points. Also note the way it is worded you an only teleport if you pay the point, not get the bonus if you pay the points. It should be very clear in the description if this gives you any teleport uses for free or not. The way it is worded now means that if you cast a teleport spell you can pay 8 points for those bonus which means you first have to spend a spell slot to cast it, then pay the 8 points to get the bonus. Since you said you wanted it to give you a free teleport spells that if you pay you get the beneficts you should word it something like this. "You gain the teleport spell and a spell slot that can only be used to cast it. This spell slot refreshes at the end of a long rest. If you paid 8 drive points then you gain the following additional beneficts when you cast this spell." End comments. I've made some basic math and assuming you grab a greatsword and start hacking at enemies at level 20 you should deal an average of 56 damage per turn. This is somewhere in between a tank and a DPS character. Your average AC should be 16 which is lower than you average light armor user. The math is made on a studded leather for 12 +2 from con and +2 from dex. This would be a bit too squishy for going melee, however you have some damage mitigation options, just bear in mind that they do not last long thus the front line is not really a place for you to be. Conclusion. You do not deal enough damage to matter and you cannot take the punishment on the front line for long enough to remain relevant in a fight. What few spells you have don't actually provide much as it is known of warlocks who do not stay relevant as a spell caster for more than a fight or two at high levels. I don't intend to sound too harsh on this, I'm just trying to give you a realistic view of what you can expect to happen.

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Main changes I did after discussing it with my group. PACT - Proficient, 3 weapons, arcane focus, & free action for summon/change. - You can choose to use CHA for your ATK & DAM rolls. - You gain a bonus to Attack equal to half your Profiency; rounded down. - You can have the Omni-oar absorb & store a single magic item. It then gains all that item’s properties; except for bonuses to Attack. Over a short rest you can add or remove a magic item. LIGHTNING Whenever you deal damage you can choose to replace it with the “Lightning” damage type. Once per turn when you deal Lightning damage you can re-roll a single damage die once, using the new roll. SCARS During a short rest, you can expend hit dice to recover Drive Points. You regain 1d4+1 drive points per hit die spent. DROWNING - Each target must make a STR save or be grappled up to one minute. - On its turn it can use it’s action to do an Athletics / Acrobatics vs your Spell DC. On success the tentacle is destroyed & the target is freed. (Side note, I did change teleport to require 8 drive points to activate. That way you could use it twice at level 20.) (Also Siren Suffocation did have the minute timer in there... Did you mean change it again?)
Make sure that the pact weapon requires an atunement slot if the item inside requires an atunement slot for balance reasons. Let the Pact weapon gain attack bonus if the attack bonus is higher than the bonus it would gain for profciency but it only gains either proficiency or item bonus to attack, not both. You may also want not to allow it to absorb a piece of armor because then anyone can take 1 level on your warlock class just for that abillity and basically have a +3 shield, a +3 armor and a second +3 armor/shield inside the weapon. Lighting is slightly better but not good enough yet. Scars is good enough now although I'd still lower it to level 10. Drowning is good. You had siren originally at 1 hour and I told you to change it to 1 minute but you changed it to no time limit.
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