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GM looking for players: Pokémon or One Punch Man

So  I have two games I would like to run, and if there's enough interested players for both games, who knows, I might run them both (no promises) The first game would be PTU (Pokémon Tabletop United). There will be a larger plot waiting to be uncovered, but at the start, you could see this as a sandbox game, your characters can go anywhere and do whatever they'd like. However, and this could turn many people off, this is going to mainly use pokémon from the first 2 generations, with the other pokémon outside of that being rarer occurrences. This will take place in a world of my own creation, and one major event of note is that through most of history, Pokémon were seen as the same standing as animals, basically serving as our pets. About 50 years ago, it was discovered and released that Pokémon were entirely sentient, rather than having a lower form of consciousness than humans. After this discovery, major laws were created in how to treat pokémon, and how to care for them in new ways, and new rights were given to them. This did upset a large amount of people, who still saw Pokémon as their pets, or even tools, and a group called 'The Patriots' were made, and grew into something like an army. A large war were fought, but the patriots lost, and since then, everything has been sortof like the major animé has, with pokémon being happy as humanitys companions, rather than pets. The other game I'd like to host is OVA: the RPG. The system allows you to create basically any type of character with any type of ability you'd like, and I figured this fits perfectly in with the theme of One Punch Man. My game will take place in the world of One Punch Man, but the one key difference is that Saitama never lost his hair or became powerful.This will start before the anime/manga, and you'd be heroes, vigilantes or whatever else you'd like to be, in this world without a supreme superhero around. Many of the events from the show will happen, but what exactly would happen if the deep sea king arrived, and there was no Saitama to stop him? I live in GMT+1, looking to have a weekly game on evenings (possibly earlier if it's on the weekend) I would like some fun roleplayers to join me for any of these games and have some adventures.
Maybe I should host something more... Mainstream:p
A friend and I would likely be interested in at least the PTU game if not both, provided we can work out a schedule. I can also try finding others for PTU if there's not enough interest.
I'm very interested in the PTU game! I'm not a terribly experienced player though, but I'll do my very best and do all the research I can to try and do a good job!
Glad to see some interest in this, and it does look like PTU is what'll be on the menu. All three of you are welcome to join, I will make a game listing for this later today. I don't mind whether we use Skype or Discord for voice chat, but do PM me where I can find you on either platform please:)
Hi I'm Houson and I'd be interested in both the PTU and the One Punch Man game assuming we can work out a schedule. I have 0 experience in PTU and One Punch Man system and to be honest I haven't played pokemon in a long time. I'm more in it for the roleplay experience. so i'd love to play if you'd have me along
Welcome aboard. I will have talks with every interested member to see that we get a good group that will work well together
I would be interested in your PTU Game if you are still looking for players. Although i have to admit that I never know how fast i can get into character while playing in english due to it not beeing my first language.
Hey, would you be happy having a person new to tabletops altogether for the pokemon game?

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Can I be a player for ptu
Depending on day/time, Id love some PTU!
For the PTU game, it will be played on saturdays, at 5pm GMT. Currently we have 3 confirmed members, send me a PM if you're interested to join in. The first session will happen this saturday, but I won't take more than 2 more players.
I'm actually interested only in the OPM universe campaign. I've been looking for Nechronica, but really anything that isn't 5e at this point would be great, and especially in regards to one of my favourite shows/universes. I'd be in for that.
I am happy to see this got quite some interest, but the PTU group is currently full. Should I get to host the One Punch Man game as well, I will send PM's to everyone on this thread that was interested in it.