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Will links I create in one game work if I copy the contents to another

I'm currently running STK, but I'm already thinking about my next game. In preparation, I've been doing a lot of "back end" work on things like loot tables from the DMG for example. I've created both a handout with the tables, with a matching rollable table. Every item has a handout now, that I'm linking to. I'm also using recursive tables which allows me to get the link the associated handout as shown in the image below. My question is, if I use Transmogrier to bring this into another game down the road (thinking of getting Tomb of Annihilation next), will these links still work if I've copied all of the assets over? It looks like each handouts link is a SHA Hash of some sort. Will these values be preserved with the Transmogrifier? I really like how this works, as I click Magic Items at the top, and the chat window whispers me the item linked to the appropriate handout. However, if this doesn't copy over, I'm ultimately wasting a lot time.
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I think it should work, but it's easy to test. Just create a new test campaign and copy it over.
This morning I copied all the items from the Magic Table A, the corresponding Rollable Table and the Handout for the table and it all works. More specifically, I changed all the handouts to read WAS COPIED, just so I knew it was referencing the current game's instances as well, and they all work.
can you share that table please?
I can't share the tables as they contain WotC values. However I created a video to show how to build them. <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a>
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Good on ya, Jeremy. I've created all kinds of stuff I can't share, for just that reason.