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NPC Drag and Drop Weapons Actions

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Greetings So a group of mine took a break where I used the NPC (5th ed)  feature quite a bit and drag and dropped weapons and spells in to the npc sheet.  This would cause all the stats,  rolls and flavor text to auto populate in to the NPC sheets I would make. Now that my group is starting up again I have found that drag and drop dose not work with NPC char sheets anymore.   If I unchecked the NPC box and pull up the normal char sheet then all those weapons I dragged and dropped in are there like a mess.    So.... what happens?  I found some posts from a year ago that talk about this but have been locked and forgotten.  Can someone help or try to fix this bug so I dont have to spend all my time filling in basic weapon info to my npcs?

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Hi, Euphamia . The 5e OGL's NPC sheet contains the NPC Action blocks instead of the Attacks & Spellcasting block present on the sheet's Core page. To benefit from the drag-and-drop features compatible with the Attacks & Spellcasting block, you'll have to switch to the Core page to do so.