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How to add images to the Bio Section

How can I add images to the text section of the Bio and Info tab like the content from WotC? There's not an image upload button? Likewise, I have all this content in my library already, is there some way I can just drag and drop this from my art library?
Sheet Author
Vince said: Just for clarity; To insert an image(s) into the text areas of your handouts and journal bio's; Insert an image into the journal bio and handout image header as normal. Copy the header image(right-click-Copy image) and Paste (right-click-Paste or CTRL+V) into the text area of your handout or journal bio & info and/or gm notes. If you want to insert more images, insert a new image into the image header box and copy/paste. Rinse and repeat as needed. bonus : You can also copy images(right-click-Copy image) from any web page to paste into your handouts/journals. Know that doing so will also add the image to your image library. bonus2 : You can also (right-click-Copy image address) on web page images and paste the URL into the "Chose a file" browse window input field, click "Open" to upload. This will upload the image to your image library and insert the image into your handout/journal header image box. This trick can also be used to import images into your image library.