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World of Darkness... rolling dice

in WoD..  rolling D10s ..  is there a way to set the successes to calculate 10s as 2 successes?? i.e.  roll 7d10s>8     2,5,8,9,9,9,10  that result normally would count as 5 successes ..  but the '10' counts as 2  so it'll be 6 successes thanks

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The most common way of accomplishing this is to create a Rollable Table to handle the roll. There's a nice method to do so outlined here . Alternatively, you could try out one of my macros .
your macros run in the Html  on the character sheet!?   or the CSS??

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You can use those macros like you would any other macros, but I recommend saving them as an Ability on the Attributes & Abilities Tab of a Character since they contain HTML entities.
i have been altering the Scion char sheet, and  with another programmer .. created Vampire  and Mage  Sheets ..  that are not conventional..  interested in having a look?