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World of Darkness .. Vampire.. character stats

is there an easy way ..  to have more that one colour on the radio bullets..   i want to try to set it up .. so that Vampire stats are still in Black...  but any Blood used to increase the stats.. would show in Red Strength    i.e.   Stregnth  4 ... Blood increased is 3.  total would show as 7  so i'll show .. 4 Black dots, 3 Red  and the rest would still be blank and any use of the Strength attribute would use it at the increased level? Thanks for the help
Andreas J.
Forum Champion
Sheet Author
It would be tricky, but maybe doable. These changes would have to be made to the underlying html/css code for the sheet. An easier thing could be to change the Hunger tracker dots to red on their own, so even at a glance of the sheet the hunger level would be obvious.