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Any word on DMG, PHB, Xanathar's etc.

Any word on when we'll have integrated / purchasable DMG, PHB content in the Compendium? Seems every time I run a game, I need to go back to the physical book because something isn't in the SRD. If this isn't something that's going to happen, it would be good to know as there are other alternatives out there for this.
Pat S.
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Sheet Author
Hi Jeremy, The Production Team and Devs are absolutely working on D&D 5th Edition content. Their goal is to release products (both new and backlist titles) on a regular basis. As a part of Roll20's licensing agreement, specifics can’t be revealed until closer to completion and with the agreement of the licensor (in this case Wizards of the Coast). You can keep an eye out for announcements here on the forums, as well as the blog , twitter , and via the Roll20 Newsletter (if you’re not signed up for that, you can join here ).
Alright, I’ll hold out. I don’t really want my players to have to download and install the “other software” as it is. I use Roll20 because of its low barrier of entry for my less tech savvy players. But that also means when something’s not as simple as drag and drop, they hit road blocks when I try to explain how to edit the sheet.
I will add one wish for this when it's implemented. Wizards of the Coast Artwork. My players love when I give them a handout with actual artwork. Even items that do not have stock artwork, I'm using default images like D&D Beyond uses for things like Weapon, Potion, Armor, etc. It adds another level of engagement for my players other than a description.
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I believe that it has been policy when purchasing a license, for Roll20 to also use the associated art.
This will 100% be very helpful. The SRD is great, but we have to run back to our books for a lot.
Is there going to be a release of Mordenkainen's Tome of Foes on the roll20 market sometime close to its release? I don't want to buy the book just to end up finding out roll20 integrated Tome of Foes right after I spent my money.
What about Adventurer League content? I've seen the D&D Adventurer's League scenarios on dmsguild and some have modules for other Virtual TableTop sites. Will Roll20 offer this support soon?