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LFG Firefly (new 2014 edition) Anytime


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Margaret Weis, the publisher of the original Serenity (2005) rulebook has created a new Firefly RPG rulebook and several pre-made adventures. The new Firefly RPG uses the Cortex Plus system, whereas the Serenity RPG used Cortex Classic. Cortex is rules-light compared to Pathfinder or d20, but makes for some fantastic group storytelling. The new rulebook comes out in the middle of Feburary, but they have already released half a dozen pre-made standalone adventures under the Echoes of War moniker. The adventures are styled after the five-act story telling format from the TV show, so they all play like single TV show episodes. Each adventure in the series comes with enough rules and explanation to play through it even though the core book isn't released yet. I'd love to get a group together to play one or two of the episodes in order to familiarize ourselves with the system and the 'verse before the release of the core book. Perhaps when the core book comes out we could embark on a longer campaign! Any takers? Disclaimer: I'm a relatively inexperienced tabletop player, though not a total noob. So I think all new players should feel welcome, and we can learn the system together.
Id be done to learn it. Seems like it might be intresting.
if your willing to take on person with next to no experience (within the last 8 or so years anyways) I'd be down with a Firefly RPG
I would absolutely love to be a part of this. I've been dying to try it out for a while now, but I've not had anyone around who's into Firefly (as appalling as that sounds.)
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Woo! Nice to see that there's some interest in Firefly. The new system looks very awesome, I'm excited to try it out. I'm willing to GM if no one else volunteers, any other takers? To get started we could run one of the Echoes of War adventures. These are pre-made adventures where the players can play the crew of Serenity or roll their own. I'd prefer to play the pre-built toons for the first couple adventures at least. Since the corebook isn't out yet, we'll have to start the first session with a quick run down of the rules. If you're feeling proactive, feel free to grab a copy of one of the adventures linked above, as it has a basic rules outline. When are we all able to meet? I'd prefer late-mornings EST, but I realize that's a bit odd, so I'm down for whenever really.
Pat S.
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I loved the series but I'm not a hardcore browncoat. Would be interested in it if the day and time works.
I'm interested. I'm somewhat familiar with the old Firefly system, and obviously with the series and movie! As far as time goes, my home time zone is EST as well, but anything before noon is not feasible, even on weekends. Currently, Fridays and Saturdays are not available, and weekdays are "occasional" unless it's at least 7:30 pm.
Oh, my girlfriend is very interested in joining, too. She's a hardcore Firefly fan as well. I'm pretty much available all the time, however her work schedule varies from week to week. She can request certain times off, however, so it may be possible, depending on what times that are agreed upon.
I'm just posting because I like the cortex system and want the devs to throw it on the listing! I use cortex classic for all my gaming needs. I haven't looked into cortex plus yet.
My girlfriend and I would be interested in joining in!
I can't join the game, but I would be interested in hearing how this goes!
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Metroknight and Seuve , what times would work for you? At least for the initial one off game.