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Graphics, Boredom and Ideas

So, seems I've finally hit the end of my old "to do" list when it comes to graphics, textures and tokens I wanted to make, took a fair while, so now the question is what to do next. Anyone got any suggestions or ideas they'd like to see made up?
Are you going to show off any of it? :D My current project I am starting is making a cut-out cartoon animated series for my sessions... I think I'm in over my head.
While it is true that, lately, a lot of my work hasn't actually been for public consumption (or uploaded to my share folder ) every single ideas/request I've ever asked for on the boards has been. So, yes, I would show this stuff off, whether it would be worth showing off is another issue entirely ;)
Ah very nice! Many of these textures can rightfully be used for 3d models. (and that's the future of VTTs isn't it? 3d terrain and tokens)
Some perhaps, and some are rather basic and/or of low quality. I've been learning as I've worked for about a year now, and most of that stuff is from the beginning :) As for the animated series, do you mean like a "flashback" sort of thing to remind players about what has happened? If so flash or a gif animator (depending on whether you want sound or not) might be exactly what you're after.