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Free top-down custom token to anyone interested

The Roaming Gnoll
Marketplace Creator
Want a free token of your favorite character? Submit a description of what they look like in as much detail as you want AND why they're awesome in the comments below. Maybe include your favorite in-game&nbsp;story or moment you had with them. Once I have at least 6 requests I'll choose two at random and send you a custom png file of your character that you can use in AL games or homebrew content or whatever you like. Below are some examples of previous tokens I've made for other people and my own games. <a href="https://drive.google.com/open?id=1A-5IiuHXTK7qpysw2BvJgfpg5wNWOfS_" rel="nofollow">https://drive.google.com/open?id=1A-5IiuHXTK7qpysw2BvJgfpg5wNWOfS_</a>
Alaric Battleforge Alric is a mountain dwarf smith/barbarian that is a Zellot of Dumathoin. Alaric has deep tan skin and brown hair, and is typically covered in soot from his forge. He has a rather short beard (for a dwarf) that is well kept. He wears a pair of thick cargo pant like pants and a green dragon hide blacksmiths apron. He carries a serrated edge Great-sword made of Dragon Bone. He also carries a trident on his back, its spikes the teeth of a green dragon.