So... I am currently running a 6e HERO System game for my roommates. But I'm losing steam, and one roommate is extremely voracious for this system. He's pressured me heavily into running this game, and I don't find it fun to run it. But I don't wanna just leave him without a game. He gets rather irritable without any RPG at all... I think he might be an addict... That being said, he understands my dilemma and is willing to work outside our household to find a GM willing to run a HERO System game for him and myself. Possibly the third roommate. Don't know his opinion yet... anyway, we desire someone who knows the system well, and who won't balk at some weird builds for characters. Willing to go up to 20 bucks a week for sessions. Reply here or message me. Either way works. I'll check here as often as I can, but I can't directly promise a speedy response. RL does come first... Hope to speak to you soon!