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Masks 28.7 - Social Media Reactions [Meme]


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Twitter, YouTube comments, and other chatter. Text only for simplicity. How did the audience respond to the Menagerie AMA? Wow, Concord grew up, so is the bear the new cute mascot member? Concord looks really different. Did the Vyortovians do something to him? I like the new blue colors better. Don't give into str8 cis pressure, Concord! Bring back the rainbow and let it fly proudly. I'd like to make first contact with that alien. Jason Quill looks hung over. Who looks more dead: GG or JQ? Guys, leave Jason alone. He teleported into the battle with Vyortovia and they ran away! Are there any ugly people on the team? If I have superpowers, would they reject me for being ugly? Who's that girl Jason keeps looking at? Ghost Girl was amazingly eloquent. GG for team leader! They were all so well spoken back in Ghost Girl's era, people are so vulgar and stupid today. Keep those boys in line, Ghost Girl! Did Ghost Girl and Jason Quill run off together somewhere? I wanna hear the details Team is plenty diverse, no team comp can be perfect, but alien + ghost is still amazing! Holy shit the guy in the armor took off his helmet!!! Jeez, though, no shame at all. Link is too pretty, are he and Mercury or Jason a thing yet? Or all three? Is that girl that's sitting by him part of the team too? Let her talk! AWW TALKING MOVING TEDDY BEAR THAT IS TOO ADORBS PLZ PLZ PLZ BUILD MORE Is Link actually a tough guy or a big softie? Discuss. Mercury completely dominated the Vyortovian battle at Halcyon High, HARRY 4 PRESIDENT Is Menagerie now working with HHL? Are they the new JHHL? MERCURY TELL US WHATS GOING ON Any Gardner students please respect Harry's privacy & space right now, word is his dad got hurt Mercury, you're saltier and more delicious than any chips give us moar! Shut up with the "Mercury should join JHHL" nonsense, have you seen those guys? Have you seen him? He's happy here. The whole team is super stressed but totally tight, wish I had friends like them These guys have been through hell and it shows, can we get them some vacation time? Big thanks to @HeroesAreMagic and @PowerPony and others for making this happen! Everyone in the room here just subscribed Does this Ponies group have a Patreon or something? Are you gonna interview Irregulators or JHHL next? Heading down to Blintzkrieg every day this week, maybe we'll see more Menagerie there!
That is awesomely perfect.
Doyce T.
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Finally someone Leo can punch without regret.