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Uses for Auras/ Status markers in 5E

So I've got these cool menus now with my Shaped Sheet 5E. (thank you Keith, The Aaron, Stephen, etc etc etc).  Now I wonder what to do with them? There is the little aura buttons to turn on and off the auras on the tokens.  What is everyone using these for?  Also, what are you using status marker colors for?
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Auras are very useful for mobile effects that center on characters. Example: A Paladin's Aura grants a saving throw bonus to everyone within 10 feet. I use that aura command to quickly turn that on and off as necessary to see who gets the bonus. Ditto a Bodak's deadly effect, or a darkness field cast upon a carried object. You could also throw out a dummy token to indicate the center of a fireball effect. I have status markers linked to a macro that turns advantage on and off on Shaped characters. If your token has a green dot, you know you have advantage. Red for disadvantage. I have a button that puts the red X on any dead character and automatically plays the Wilhelm Scream. I have an API script that notes when a token has Concentration (indicated by a marker), and throws up a saving throw whenever that token takes damage. You can also assign a number to any status token (0-9) that can mark altitude for flyers.