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Shaped Sheet 5E Content line macro

I put this     [Bite](~Bloodrage)  in the CONTENT line of an action with the idea that when you use that action it would create a chat box that if I click it would then run the ABILITY bloodrage which just contains the game info about how the bloodrage works.  Unfortunately all it does is this: Any ideas why?

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Is Bloodrage another action? You can't reference them by name like that. You have to use something like the output is trying to do: [Bite](~NAME|repeating_action_ID_roll) NAME is optional since you're referencing it from the same sheet ID is the string starting with "-L6j" above. See  Referencing Attributes, Macros, and Repeating Sections

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If "Bloodrage" is an Ability entered on the Attributes and Abilities tab of the sheet (not the sheet itself), your API button should work as written if entered on the "Content" or "Freetext" field of the character sheet feature.

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**EDIT** Keith, everything you said rings true for me... and does not seem to work. **As usual, it turns out to be pilot error.  It was printing EXACTLY what was in the ability section.  For some reason, even though I was sure that I had typed the entire description of bloodrage into that box, when I went back to it to check, it had all that gobbeldy gook that showed in chat.  I have no idea how that happened.  So, you are right, it works fine.  I get my chat button and it sends the info to chat as well.  Just me being an idiot again.**  :-)  Thanks