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No actions available using 5e OGL NPC Roll Template


Edited 1520175701
I logged into my game this morning and whenever I do anything that uses a rollable template from the 5e OGL character sheet, it doesn't print anything like the following. This is using NPCs that have been in my game since its creation, Monster Manual creatures, and even my own macros using the NPC template. Also, the time it takes from pressing the action / button to getting the output in chat is significantly lagged.
I restarted my api sandbox, and now it's creating the output, but not honoring the option to not auto roll damage. Apparently, there's a script that's causing issues.

Edited 1520176427
Not sure what's happening. I disabled every API in my game and still getting the issue of auto printing the damage. The only way to fix this is to toggle the auto show damage option on each npc and toggle it back.
Sheet Author
Try clearing your chat archive from the game's main screen Settings|Clear Chat Archive.
Seems to be working now. Any idea what causes this to happen?
Sheet Author
No.  ;-P The chat archive can get corrupted for some reason and then from that point on it doesn't render correctly.  I've ran into this when working on sheets, specifically the roll template's code.  Glad you got it cleared up.