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[5e OGL] Getting the correct Passive Perception 5e

I currently use TokenMod to set up my tokens when I bring them into my game. I set the 3 bars to HP, AC and Passive Perception. Recently the OGL Character Sheet changed some of its attributes I am currently using both Storm King's Thunder and I have also purchased the Monster Manual. My macro prior to getting the MM and before the OGL Sheet update used the value npc_passiveperceptionbase; this attribute doesn't seem to appear in the new NPCs in the Monster Manual I purchased after the OGL sheet update. They have a value passive_wisdom, which didn't appear on my old character sheet NPCs. So I'm not sure which attribute(s) I should be referencing now. I just know that the old npcs and the new npcs use the same sheet, but don't have the same attributes. The real challenge is when I deal with creatures with bonus' to their perception and some don't. Here's some examples of where they're different. I also went through all their attributes searching for perception, passive and wisdom trying to look for what's common and how to easily extract a common formula. Awakened Shrub Came with Storm King's Thunder Wisdom 10 (+0) no perception bonus Passive Perception should equal 10, not listed on sheet Attributes npc_passiveperceptionbase = 10 npc_skillsbase = Perception +4 npcd_perception = null npc_perception_flag = 0 npcd_senses = passive Perception 10 npc_senses = passive Perception 10 npc_perception = null perception bonus = 0 passive_wisdom = 10 (added after editing the wisdom value) wisdom = 10 wisdom_mod = 0 wisdom_mod = 0 (appears a second time) wisdom_base = 10 Goblin. Came with Storm Kings Thunder Wisdom 8 (-1) passive Perception 9 listed on sheet no perception bonus Attributes drop_passive_perception = null drop_passive_perception = null (listed second time) npc_passiveperceptionbase = 9 npc_perception = null npc_perception = null (listed second time) npc_perception_flag = 0 npcd_perception = null npc_senses = Darkvision 60 Ft., passive Perception 9 npcd_senses = Darkvision 60 Ft., passive Perception 9 wisdom = 8 wisdom_base = 8 wisdom_base = 8 (listed second time) wisdom_mod = -1 wisdom_mod = -1 (listed second time) Ape. Came with Monster Manual Wisdom 12 (+1) Perception +3 Passive Perception should be 13, not called out on sheet Attributes drop_passive_perception = null npc_perception = 3 npc_perception_base = 3 npc_perception_flag = 2 passive_wisdom = 11 perception_bonus = 1 wisdom = 12 wisdom_base = 12 wisdom_flag = 0 wisdom_mod = 1 Giant Weasel. Came with Monster Manual Wisdom 12 (+1) Perception + 3 passive Perception 13 listed on sheet Attributes drop_passive_perception = null npc_perception_base = 3 npc_perception_flag = 1 npc_senses = darkvision 60 ft., passive Perception 13 passive_wisdom = 11 perception_bonus = 1 wisdom = 12 wisdom_base = 12 wisdom_flag = 0 wisdom_mod = 1 The problem here is, the only common attributes are wisdom and wisdom mod. Token Mod won't work if it tries to pull from an attribute it can't find. This worked on all the pre OGL sheet changes as I could use npc_passiveperceptionbase. This number however doesn't seem to exist on the new sheets / Monster Manual content. So now it seems I need to manually open and look at the sheet and typing it in manually for all the tokens in my games. This is compounded by the fact that we don't have a shortcut to open directly to the sheet itself. We have shift + double click for the Bio and Info Page, alt + double click for the attributes page, but nothing (I've suggested ctrl + double click) for the character sheet page. does anyone have any advice how to handle null values in Token mod, or how to get the correct passive perception value for the 5e sheets?

Edited 1520285374
For npc's, I would simply calculate the passive perception manually (10 + @{npc_perception}). As of 2.0, the NPC skills will revert to using the base stat if there is no manually added skill.
I swear I tried this. I probably just accidentally left it like so  [[10 + [[@{npc_perception}]]]] like I just did when trying it again, instead of [[10 + [[@{selected|npc_perception}]]  after I looked at it a minute. Thanks for jump starting my stalled brain.