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[LFP] [Pathfinder] Looking for Players for Crownfall!

This is Paizo's newest AP, and the first one that is made in partnership with Roll20. I am charging 6 dollars per chapter (6 in total) due at the time of release of each chapter to cover my cost of buying the AP only. I will not be charging a per session or monthly fee for my DM services. That being said, as I am asking you to invest some of your money, from me you can expect: - A GM who has years of experience with the Pathfinder Roleplaying system. - As much help designing and building your character as you would like (This is one of my favorite things in Pathfinder to do, so don't hesitate to ask.) - A GM who is experienced with using Roll20 (I can help you on your character sheets, making macros, and other things that will make it easier on you as a player to just do what you are here for and play the game) - With the AP made in partnership with Roll20, it comes with fully stocked maps, tokens, etc all specifically tailored to use with Roll20. If you haven't seen it it looks NICE. - I will listen to feedback and improve based upon the players' suggestions - For the benefit of the players as a whole, while I am fine with mature humor, topics, etc. I have a zero tolerance policy for any slurs, racist & sexist remarks, or in general any inappropriate remarks regarding a persons race, sex, gender identity, religion, etc. I also strongly discourage actions in game such as being unwilling to work with the group, sabotaging the group (there will be no PvP in this game), or in general trying to disrupt the campaign. My goal is that all the players will feel comfortable with each other and have a good time playing the game, and these actions can disrupt that. I encourage any player that doesn't feel comfortable or isn't having fun for whatever reason to come to me and we will try to work out a solution that fixes the problem. Sessions will run 3-4 hours with a 10-15 minute break in the middle. Please see the Applications topic in the link below for how to apply. Thanks! This game will require payment to the Game Master at a rate of [6$ per chapter (due on release) via PayPal] Roll20 is not responsible for any payment transactions and cannot enforce any private arrangements.
Wanted to ask, as this might affect my preferences in classes....... What books will we be able to use from? :)

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No 3p (Including Dreamscarred Press) and no Occult Adventures. In addition, I usually don't allow Gunslinger, Vigilante, and Vampire Hunter unless the campaign is especially appropriate. Otherwise as far as classes go its pretty much fair game.
None of that was relevant to me anywuss, so that's perfect! :D
I might be interested, when are you going to run? Been really wanting to try out a Kineticist. I currently am running a group through Jade Regent on Friday night's but am free most other times.
Dam just saw the no occult adventures bit in the comments.
If you are still interested it is going to run on Saturday nights starting March 31st. 
Thanks but I am mainly looking for a game right now so I can try out the Kineticist class.
What time zone are you playing in?
I hope Jordan hasn't abandoned thread, I'm still quite interested and eager to try out War for the Crown!
Currently we have 4 players and that is what the group wants to run with. If someone drops or they decide they would like to add a 5th player, I will select someone from the pool of people who have applied. Thanks everyone for your interest!