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[LFG] [5e] [GMT] Looking for a unicorn of a game

Hi! A friend and I are looking for a game, but have some pretty specific tastes.  We are both experienced roleplayers, and much prefer RP-driven games to dungeon crawls and combat heavy games (The best official module is, by far, Murder in Baldurs Gate).  We are also thoroughly of the mindset that characterisation and development is the most important part of a campaign - characters should be shaped by the world and events around them, as much as they shape, change and possibly attempt to save, the world.  Rules-wise, we are happy with just about any level of open-booking, from PHB only to homebrew, but do have a cynical eye for the most broken of UA and homebrew (because they tend to attract munchkins rather than characters). Bonus points if RAF is the way, rather than obsessive minutae like encumbrance.  I'm not really expecting much to come from this post, but if anyone knows of a group or DM who might fit the bill, please shout! 
Sounds like the kind of game I like to play, GMs of this type are like gold dust I fear!
I run these type of games or I like to think I do. In my experience myself and the other GMs I know who do very story/character driven tend to focus tend to be particular. Like I prefer homebrew settings with fairly standard rules because for me the world is what makes it and it can often be easier to build your own world to get what you want then endless modifying of existing ones. Another really locks down character creation because he creates incredible webs of plot and characters that all interconnect. I've met others who really only play in particular systems or worlds. You might have better luck finding what you're looking in systems that are a bit older since everyone is looking for the newest and best, there might be a lot of competition for the most recently released ones. While the GMs with multi-year plot based games might still be on 3.5 or pathfinder or something. Also you might try looking for more picky GMs, sometimes they seem to have clear visions of what they want and that might lead you more towards what you're looking for. Hopefully some other GMs can chime in and offer some suggestions for what Sam can look for to find his Unicorn.

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Yeah, system wise, 5e works well, because older versions tend to over-engineer mechanics rather than favouring playability. 3.5 and pathfinder both suffer from the same overload of different rolls for similar but slightly different things.  We've tried some of the more story-oriented systems and they can be OK, but the mechanics that are there tend to get messy fast. 
Depending on how specific of an experience you want, you might have a long wait a head of you. The best answer, though hardest, is to make it yourself. I know a lot of GMs end up not finding anyone to make exactly what they want and then just saying, "Screw it! I'll make it myself." Sometimes the unicorn you're looking for is just the reflection in the mirror! Good luck to you either way.