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Spelljammer assets.

Hello all, I hope this is the correct venue for this question. I am planning on using Roll20 to run a Spelljammer campaign for 5e. Dose any one have suggestions on which asset packs I should buy? or for other assets that would be useful for that setting(appropriate monster tokens for example)
Roll20 Mod Team
Here are some that I would recommend for games with Spelljammer type of setting: Sky Ships -- essential and on-point, this could cover most of your ship needs for a full campaign, Alien Worlds -- surfaces, battle maps on different worlds to land on, this would be for up-close and yet plenty of elbow-room for long range, Planets and planetary system maps, and space backgrounds, take your pick or mix & match from these: I've not included any monsters or token suggestions here, though. Many (any) from traditional fantasy D&D art packs, can work in SJ. The thread is open for more feedback from the community.
Thank you, I appreciate your aid!