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Advanced Fog of war view distance?

Description: Hello, so I've been trying to limit my players vision range in a cave to encourage the use of torches and darkvision characters to guide their way. However no matter what setting I input there doesn't seem to be a difference.  As far as I understand the player in the picture should only be able to see 10 feet around him (Each square is 5 feet). However as you can clearly tell he can see far further than 10 feet. Steps to reproduce the problem: No real steps needed to be taken, the setting just doesn't seem to work. Description of setup: I use Google Chrome verison 64.0.3282 I have Adobe Acrobat and Adblock extentions enabled. I use Windows 10 pro.
Arthur B
API Scripter
Please check under page settings if global illumination is on.
I unchecked Global illumination and that has fixed my problem. Arthur B I can't thank you enough.