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Initiative Layout improvement suggestion for 5e D&D

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Hi, a couple of disclaimers before i start. 1. I have no idea if this has been adressed before in any way. I searched through the forum and didnt find anything on the matter. 2. I have no idea how hard this would be, coding wise, but it would be a much appreciated improvement. Say, if i wanted to have a fight between my players and 3 different types of NPC's To do that I have to open the initiative order, open the character sheets and then minimize them and leave them somewhere on the screen. Then, the entire layout looks something like this: Opening and closing character sheets every time is also quite bothersome. My idea is, broadly speaking, to make the initiative order smaller, more streamlined and to make it connected to the character sheets for easy accesibility. Now My ideas to improve it would go like this: Which, in turn, would lead to this: I hope everything is self explanatory on the screen-shots.
Arthur B
API Scripter
Like the idea. Not sure if it follows the "system agnostic approach" completely, but I definitely like it.
I like this. I can never have enough space. everytime i turn around im adding a monitor just to not lose everything.