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[LFP]Marvel FASERIP -- Newbies Welcome!!

I have never run this game before but I have read the books and watched numerous live plays. This game's particular setting is a bit different. Low Power Level Abilities and Powers will be capped at Incredible, with incredible being more rare than average.  Players will also have  1-2 powers per individual/ Randomly generated and 3 Talents randomly generated by me. Re-rolls can occur I will work with you. This is a bit homebrew with the cap and leveling. I'm looking to run something at Xavier's. Think Generation X or Academy X, your ability to spend Karma to raise abilities and powers will be present and will represent training with the school. This game will have combat but will also be very slice of life as well. I want players who can cling to the story more than the rule books. If you're a rules lawyer, if you plan on reading through other players sheets to decide where you might have not been awarded points that someone else got. This game IS NOT for you. Please don't apply. Though if you are interested in really getting into character. Earning Karma based on RP and Text posts. If you enjoy a slower crawl to superhero,( I'm going for Longevity here.I have had 2 games that have run about 2 years apiece) then I'm looking for you!  I enjoy telling a story but I also enjoy working with people to get a character that they want as well. I might bend a rule or two for you so you can have what you want. That being said I might just bend a rule or two because I want too as well! Its after all about the story and the fun for me. Not crunching numbers. Some powers are also woefully imbalanced and that's ok. Though we should work together to bring it believably into balance. The game will be played from 12 pm to 4 pm Est. on Sundays. Voice for play. Though hey if you feel like you want to run video you go for it, there is no way I'm turning a camera on myself Sunday afternoons! If this sounds like your type of game and you are 18+ preferably mature, chill, and LGBT friendly and understand that this is in the end just a game, then please shoot me a PM! I want this game to start 4/1/18!
Would love to come along, I shot you a PM.
Awesome ok still needing 2 players! PM me guys !
Gen Kitty
Roll20 Mod Team
AndyG said: Awesome ok still needing 2 players! PM me guys ! Updated your title for you, good luck recruiting, sounds fun :)
Oh god yes please. I love the FASERIP Marvel game. It s so hard to find anyone interested in it. Lets hope I can get something workable and I didn't burn all my luck the last time random rolled a character for this game .
Sorry Peter someone got to it before you! Though I will keep you in mind if anyone needs to drop!