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new GM looking for players

I am alpha testing a new TTRPG, which I have named "Mughal War". I won't be using the roll 20 tools to do so, but rather be simply doing a group video chat on google hangouts. Games can be anytime after I'm done with work (9PM-ish central time) or every other Saturday, or some combination. Message me directly at <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a> synopsis: The great, immortal, Emperor Babur Mughal has conquered the entire continent, and had had peaceful rule over people and spirits for centuries. He owes his success, fame, and immortality to the Pandora's Box he wears around his neck. The box contains all the chaotic evil spirits that once tortured the land. But some say that the box is a lie, that the box is just a fake used to persuade the people into obedience. And they're willing to assassinate him to prove it. Do you believe the emperor, or the rebels? Something's going down at the Mughal Day celebration, what are you going to do?
Gen Kitty
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