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[Snippet] Fix rotated DL walls

Stephen L.
Marketplace Creator
Sheet Author
API Scripter
This evening, I ran into a problem where the dynamic lighting doesn't handle walls very well if they are rotated. It creates shadows as though the walls are not rotated. Here's a short script I wrote up to fix this issue. Simply move the player ribbon to the page that has your rotated walls and enter "!fixPaths" in the chat. Requires Path Math. (() => {     on('chat:message', msg => {         if(msg.content === '!fixPaths') {             let pageId = Campaign().get('playerpageid');             let walls = findObjs({                 _pageid: pageId,                 _type: 'path',                 layer: 'walls'             });             _.each(walls, wall => {                let segments = PathMath.toSegments(wall);                let pathData = PathMath.segmentsToPath(segments);                _.extend(pathData, {                     stroke: wall.get('stroke'),                     _pageid: pageId,                     layer: wall.get('layer')                 });                 createObj('path', pathData);                 wall.remove();             });         }     }); })();
Forum Champion
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API Scripter
Nice! I ran into this very problem a while back.